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Power · Speed · Versatility

For Dry Herb and Concentrate

Design with


Power of the Alpha is what sets it apart from the rest. Capable of vaporizing larger volumes material per session. Powered by a reliable 6000 mAh battery the Alpha can go for 30+ sessions per charge.

Design with


Versatility defines our design. Regardless if you enjoy dry herb or concentrate, the Alpha gives you optimal performance.

Multiple Atomizers

  • Titanium Cup
  • Ceramic Cup
  • Glass Cap and Tether

Power In Your Hands

  • 6000 mAh Battery
  • 30+ Sessions Per Charge
  • Fast Charging C-Port

Interchange Glass

  • Removeable Glass Water Filter
  • Illuminating LED Light
  • Easy and Clean

Simple User Interface

  • Customizable Setting
  • Target Temperature
  • Multiple Session Modes
alpha-glass-water-filter alpha-housing-cap alpha-induction-cup alpha-glass-bubble-cap alpha-ceramic-tweezers alpha-loading-tool alpha-glass-carb-cap alpha-glass-water-filter

Alpha Glass Water Filter

At iKrusher, we wanted to explore what could be done by combining a quality vaporizer experience with an equally matched glass piece. We designed our glass mouthpiece to look and feel like you are hitting a traditional rig while pushing soke through an electrically charged battery.


Alpha Housing Cap

We lose, drop, or smash our carb caps all the time. How many of us have forgotten that they left their carb cap on their rig only for it to fall off and shatter when they go to move it? Well, those times have changed. The iKrusher Alpha Carb Cap tether is designed to keep your carb cap on hand at all times without ever having to lose it. What makes it better is that if you don't want to you your carb - let's say - for dry herb, then you can just let it hang to the side with no problem!


Alpha Induction Cup

The complete set of Alpha induction cups. Grade 2 Titanium induction cup receiver with ceramic insert and perforated ceramic top. The Titanium cup can be used for concentrates by itself. The ceramic insert without the top is also used for concentrates. The ceramic insert with the ceramic top is used for flower mode.


Alpha Glass Bubble Cap

A directional carb cap allows for air to flow through as you take your hit. While the rest of the carb cap fulfills the required duty of maintaining heat control, the airflow helps to move around your concentrate in order to more effectively get the most out of your hit!


iKrusher Ceramic Tweezers

Every accessory that comes with the Alpha has been thought through from beginning to end. For our tweezers, we thought of the best way for someone to switch out their induction cups with little to no effort. We also wanted to supply customers with something with longevity. Many of our competitors simply give you a "freebie" set of tweezers just as an added bonus, but with the iKrusher Alpha Tweezers, you still get the best!


iKrusher Loading Tool

Loading tools are simple tools that help you scoop a “dab” of concentrate and then drop it into your banger or induction cup. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and can help you from keeping your hands off of a hot cap or banger! They can come in ceramic, glass, and metal for different purposes.


Alpha Glass Carb Cap

Standard Carb Cap for the Alpha. Directs airflow to better vaporize your material. Low-temperature concentrates run the risk of waste. If the induction cup is not heated enough, OR you are trying to purposely take a low-temp dab, then utilizing a carb cap cuts down on the amount of concentrate that is still left over.


Power · Speed · Versatility

For Dry Herb and Concentrate

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