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Alpha Glass Carb Cap

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Key Features
  • Delivers clean burning
  • Traps residual heat
  • Handles both high and low-temperature dabbing
  • Traps vapor for longer inhalation
Package Includes
Glass Carb Cap
Compliances & Certifications
21 and Up Only Do Not Use During Pregnancy CE Certified GMP Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified ROHS Certified Please Recycle Do Not Trash Heavy Metal Tested FCC Approved FDA Approved BPA Free Food Grade Materials


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The Alpha Glass Carb Cap

Standard Carb Cap for the Alpha. Directs airflow to better vaporize your material. Low-temperature concentrates run the risk of waste. If the induction cap is not heated enough, OR you are trying to purposely take a low-temp dab, then utilizing a carb cap cuts down on the amount of concentrate that is still left over.


How does this work?

Naturally, we need to heat up our banger or induction cap in order to take a nice fat dab. Unfortunately, if you heat up your cap or banger too high, you run the risk of spackling hot concentrate in your mouth. If you dab it too cold (without a carb cap) you will not get the most out of your dab and it will end up sitting there until you reheat it.

With a carb cap, you can take a low temperature hit while maintaining the heat for longer periods. The heat dissipates through the top of the cap if you put something over it, you will trap that heat more effectively. Thu, creating a longer burn period for your concentrates!

Borosilicate Glass

Increased air pressure from the hole in the carb cap causes a vacuuming effect on the nail. When concentrate gets closer to a vacuum its vaporizing point changes to a lower temp allowing you to take nice flavorful dabs.

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