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Glass Water Filter

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Key Features
  • 4 holes for ideal airflow resistance and cooling
  • Optimal water measurements
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to remove
Package Includes

Glass Water Filter

Compliances & Certifications
21 and Up Only Do Not Use During Pregnancy CE Certified GMP Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified ROHS Certified Please Recycle Do Not Trash Heavy Metal Tested FCC Approved FDA Approved BPA Free Food Grade Materials


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The Glass Water Filter

At iKrusher, we wanted to explore what could be done by combining a quality vaporizer experience with an equally matched glass piece. We designed our glass mouthpiece to look and feel like you are hitting a traditional rig while pushing soke through an electrically charged battery.

The result is that we have a durable piece of glass with the exact right amount of water filtration to give you the smoothest possible hit from our Alpha.

We also wanted to make the experience of cleaning your glassware painless and easy! While many other rigs are complicated and have multiple chambers that require time, effort and a lot of patients, the Alpha glass mouthpiece is designed for easy removal and simplicity while still giving you a smooth and cool hit!"

Borosilicate Glass

Fill about 1 inch up with water and place on the device. The angled side should face the buttons on the front of the device

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