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iKrusher Loading Tool

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Key Features
  • Dual Sided For Concentrate AND Dry Herb
  • Sharp Edge For Cutting Concentrates
  • Spoon Side For Dry Herb
  • Titanium
Package Includes

Ceramic Loading Tool

Compliances & Certifications
21 and Up Only Do Not Use During Pregnancy CE Certified GMP Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified ROHS Certified Please Recycle Do Not Trash Heavy Metal Tested FCC Approved FDA Approved BPA Free Food Grade Materials


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The Alpha Glass Bubble Cup

Loading tools are simple tools that help you scoop a “dab” of concentrate and then drop it into your banger or induction cap. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and can help you from keeping your hands off of a hot cap or banger! They can come in ceramic, glass, and metal for different purposes.


Why iKrusher chose titanium.

We believe that Titanium is the best all-around material for scooping your concentrates! Due to its durability under the highest heat settings one could want and the absorption of that heat, the iKrusher loading tool for the Alpha is a perfect choice!


The loading tool is an essential piece of hardware for any concentrate aficionado! Simply use the shovel side of the tool to scoop out your concentrate and place it into your ceramic or titanium induction cap.

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