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510 Thread Batteries: What's Next?

510 Thread Batteries: What's Next?

510 thread batteries are the innovation that became how we vape today. With so many features, this wasn't always the case. Vape technology has come a long way. Let's take a look at how these devices continue to shape the industry.


How Has Vape Technology Evolved?

When we first start talking about 510 thread batteries, the original method for vaping utilized a box mod battery along with a tank. The tank would be a 3-5 mL of volume capacity and inside was a cotton coil. The cotton coil would soak the ejuice and the metal coil would heat the cotton until it evaporated the soaked in juice. 

The 510 thread technology then decided to go much smaller and produced the first 510 thread stick batteries and refillable cartridges. While these didn't take off right away, the industry knew what it was capable of and decided to advance the technology further. The battery life was low and the cotton wick didn't last long under the intense heat that would come from consistently vaping.

While this was happening, an industrial shift started to happen in the CBD space. "Dabs" were the next evolution for the industry. Containing a more potent batch in a smaller container, the trichomes of the CBD plant were extracted in order to remove it from the raw plant material. What was left was a sticky wax substance that was 95-98% CBD. 


Where Are Cartridges Now?

Cartridges are the king of oil vaping. While their first introduction didn't take hold right away, everyone knew the potential of small batteries with 1.0 mL and 0.5 mL tanks. In order to get here, the cartridge had to go through some innovations. 

Instead of the cotton wick, the technology was replaced by longer-lasting and more forgiving materials. Attempts were made with titanium coils - they would be placed into other battery-operated devices, but they would often leave a burnt taste in one's mouth. 

Thus ceramic came to be the main focal point. It could tolerate heat similarly to titanium, but the porous nature of ceramic coils made the taste and flavor aspect a go-to for many users. The 510 thread cart became synonymous with clean vaping.


How Are Ceramic Cartridges Evolving?

In terms of finding the "next material" we pretty much have it. Now we need to tweak how ceramic cartridges can improve. This often relies on the porousness of the coil. The divots on the coil helps to trap the oils and improve vapor quality. Think of it like the outside of a golf ball. The deeper the holes, the more concentrate will be stored for longer-lasting flavor aspects. 


How Are 510 Thread Batteries Evolving?

These batteries are evolving by producing more power and larger battery lifespans. A single charge can now take you for a few days without stopping. 

On top of that, with larger batteries, come more improved designs. While the smaller stick batteries were a great introduction, they often had their issues. Being so thin and small, they could get lost. On top of that, having a glass cartridge sitting on top meant that and bend or misplacement inside one's pocket could snap the connecting piece or even crack the glass. Nobody likes a pocket full of broken tiny glass pieces covered in sticky wax. 

510 thread batteries have improved quite a bit. By adopting a larger battery life, they have improved on the design to incorporate a built-in cartridge protected. The cartridge simply screws onto a magnetic 510 thread adapter and is dropped into a hole that would attach itself to the heating element. 

How Can 510 Thread Batteries Innovate Further?

One of the best ways that these vaporizers can maintain their strong support within the industry is to provide a fully customizable experience for the user. One of the biggest industry shifts going on is allowing the user to provide and customize their own setting in order to give themselves the best possible experience. Another function would be to add a pre-heat feature that will allow for unclogging the device in colder weather. 

Having the option to adjust voltage and wattage with a full led screen will allow the user to fine-tune and produce the best quality experience for themselves. 

Providing more power output can be a big thing, but unfortunately, these cartridges have maxed out over performance capabilities. Allowing fully customizable features is the direct way to go in order to maintain its strong grip on the market. 


Outside Designs

There are plenty of devices that are starting to overtake and improve upon the 510 thread cartridge and battery. Disposable vaporizers are developing at a much faster rate. The industry has simplified the 510 thread compatibility by creating an all-in-one vaping experience. 

Even these devices have gone through a rough phase. With disposable vapes lacking a rechargeable function and any temperature settings, the customer simply gets what they paid for despite the battery not handling the concentrate that can be put into it. 

Still, from a user perspective, it is better to customize your preferences than to let technology dictate what is best for them. 

Overall the 510 thread battery remains one of the greatest devices to come out in the industry. Its perseverance to remain a staple in what many choose as their preferred vaporizer device is why it continues to see the updates and evolutions that it has. 

While other devices are seen to be encroaching on the 510-thread vape spectrum, the 510-thread battery and cartridge are still where pivotal innovations are made. Without the cartridge being more optimized, we would not have the technology necessary in order to create disposable vapes in the first place. 

Still, the traditional battery and cartridge compatibility are what keeps it going long into the next generation of disposables and could potentially be king of all designs forever. The 510 battery will maintain its position as the best vape pen on the market. 

So will the 510 thread battery and cartridge continue to reign supreme? Or will other more effective measures take over? There is a possibility that neither of these instances occurs as the technology development goes hand-in-hand with one another. 

The answer is yet to be dictated, but we all know that these devices will be here for at least a little while longer. 

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