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How The 510 Thread Battery Remains King

How The 510 Thread Battery Remains King

The 510 thread battery is a simple device, yet, one of the most effective products on the market. For years, it has remained the most common device in the spectrum of portable vapes. This is due to the minimalist design and high functionality. 

Not only is this device one of the more innovative pieces of vaporizer hardware in the industry, but it is also one of the first. 


The 510 Thread Battery: Beginnings

At the start of the 2010s, there was an innovative tech boom for smoking. People who enjoyed smoking cigarettes or were addicted were looking for alternative means that were safer and that could be taken anywhere. 

At the time, these devices were big and bulky. There wasn't much space to fit them in your pocket or while traveling. Often, many would get stopped while waiting to get on their plane due to the nature of what the devices looked like. They weren't very concealable and they required a lot of work to operate. 

Fast forward a few years, and many took the same components that made vaping so appealing and shrunk them down. They utilized the same 510 thread technology and cotton wicks, but only allowed the tanks to go up to 1mL in order to adequately provide enough juice for the day. 

At this time, the thought of combining nicotine vapor and CBD vaporizer technology came together. With the full-scale production of wax and dabs, the industry took a major turn. Utilizing conduction heating for wax and oils, dabbing came with a new set of accessories that consumers needed to purchase in order to try it out. 

This left many on the fence. Should they try and splurge on a whole bunch of products, or buy a single, simple product for them to use on the go? The cost of these pens at first became the major appeal for those looking to try out new things. 510 battery pens are still the remaining top dog. 


The 510 Thread Innovates

After they established this system as a staple of the industry, it was then decided to be upgraded. Instead of the traditional cotton wick (which was used for ejuice), manufacturers found ceramic coils would be a better option. This was due in part to ceramics' versatility and durability. 

With the ability to vape at higher temperatures and for longer durations without the coil burning out, and adding a refillable cartridge, this left 510 thread battery manufacturers to create larger batteries that had multiple heat settings. This allowed users to set their own temperatures for a better vaping experience. The 510 battery became one of the biggest sellers in the industry.


Batteries Change Shape

One of the most innovative sides to this section of the industry was the battery itself. Once all the components were upgraded and maxed out, this left many wondering where to go from there. The 510-thread battery was optimized, but the design still lacked.

The traditional "pen" shaped battery was a great addition when it first hit the scene, but many had their complaints. Discretion and durability were where the industry focused its endeavors. 

Many consumers had reported the cartridge would crack when placed in their pocket. So the idea of protecting the cartridge became ground zero for the next stage in 510 thread battery evolution. By utilizing a 510-thread magnetic adapter, engineers created mini "box mod" batteries. The magnetic adapter would screw onto the bottom of the cartridge and then it could just be dropped into the box mod with only the mouthpiece sticking up. On top of that, new battery designs meant that these batteries could handle larger amounts of power. 


What Is The Future of These Devices?

With everything set for the future of vape hardware, the next question is where do 510 thread batteries and 510 thread cartridges go from here?

Many are thinking that it will eventually phase out due to the emerging disposable vape scene, but that won't happen overnight. On top of that, the innovative prowess of these devices has made them a main staple within the industry. Implementing anti-clogging technology also helps.

Still, the thought of these batteries becoming outdated and "old" technology might be looming in the distance. With rechargeable disposables now hitting the shelves, it may only be a matter of time until the customizable options could be cut back for the manufacturer to decide. 

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