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Enjoy Vaping Technology With The Ares Vaporizer

Enjoy Vaping Technology With The Ares Vaporizer

The Ares concentrate vaporizer is a staple in portability and ease of use. While technology is constantly evolving and shaping the way we inhale, there are subtle nods to the past with many vaporizers offering smaller designs, longer battery life, and easy-to-use chambers and coils. 

The Ares is a throwback to simpler times. Back then, creating technology around vaping concentrates wasn't the highest priority. Most people were still happy to use simple glassware like hand pipes, water pipes, and bubblers. It wasn't until heavy-duty nicotine vaporizers came into the market that someone thought "...can we do this for dabs?" Sure enough, nature (or technology) found a way. 

The early days were...well, weird. Most of the original pieces were meant as a simple adapter for a big bulky box mod. Then technology came into view when wax pens, dab cartridges, and 510 thread batteries were introduced. This allowed users to have them on hand whenever they wanted. It also removed the need for dabbing products like a butane torch, an entire wax rig, nectar collectors, and bangers. Essentially, take all of the things that you need for running a basic dab rig and put it into something small, yet powerful device that can heat your concentrates to the desired effect.


Vape Pens and Vape Batteries Are Always Evolving

We developed the Ares at a time when the industry was establishing a major trend shift in products. While hand pipes, water pipes, and bubblers are all still widely popular, the dynamic of electronic vaporizers has changed that game over the last 6-7 years. 

Fortunately, one of the most popular styled devices is still self-loading concentrate pens with a ceramic cup. This leads users to enjoy their own extracts and concentrates and load the device themselves. 

What we have done with Ares is taken the original concept and improved upon it. Like buying a classic muscle car and performing an engine swap. We built the Ares as a true classic self-loading concentrate pen. 


Let's Look At Specs

We designed the Area with simplicity in mind. With 3 simple clicks, you can alternate your voltage between 3.0v, 3.6v, 4.2v in order to find that perfect balance of power and effect. Combine these volts with a high-powered 650mAh battery, and you can go even further with a high-performing vape experience. Our developers had the designation of creating a pen that could handle the thickest concentrates on the market. That is why the Ares comes with three different atomizers.

  • Dual Halo Quartz Dish – Our quartz dish offers the fastest heat-up time. An industry standard in the vape world, many love this type for its high resilience to higher heat temperatures.
  • Ceramic Heating Rods with Quartz Dish – Due to their resilience to high temperatures, our ceramic coils can handle the highest temperatures and can handle heat retention to keep you dabbing longer.
  • Dual Quartz Heating Rods with Quartz Dish – Similar to the quartz dish, the dual heating rods work to handle faster heat-up times than most other coils.


Vape Pens and Vape Batteries Are Always Evolving

Vaporizers and vape tech is always shifting in unique and interesting ways. Since the start of smoking and dabbing, there have been countless "makeshift" devices used. This is historically accurate as well. From ancient civilizations carving branches for pipes to your buddy who just found out how to make a gravity bong out of a 1-gallon jug of water, we are always thinking about cool and new ways to manufacture interesting devices. 

The same applies to electronic technology. There was a time when we (as primordial stoners) use fire to heat our water pipes or rigs. Then it evolved into using butane-fed torches. Now, technology is innovating in order to remove one of the most basic instruments from the process - fire.

Battery-powered vapes are now becoming the cultural mainstay within the industry. There are tons of different shapes, sizes, and styles that can fit any vape enthusiast. 

This method is going to be around for quite a long time. With traditional methods still popular, it's only adding to a growing list of high-quality vape products. While each state decides to reinvent its own common-sense policies, the industry is able to grow further and more effectively by not only creating a high-quality product but also by allowing technology to further innovate.

What will be the future? We can definitely make some guesses, but for now, the industry is moving in a total-vape direction that we can officially say is a more effective choice for new persons or those looking to move away from traditional combustion methods. 

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