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Why Do I Need A Carb Cap?

Why Do I Need A Carb Cap?

Carb caps are necessary if you want to enjoy your concentrates in a full-flavored, strong, and effective manner. Back in the day, you needed to heat up your banger or nail until it was red hot, then put your concentrate into it and watch it sizzle then unfortunately burn because you didn't let it cool down enough. 

Well, these days are behind us. While a large number of Americans can now legally enjoy their concentrate or dry herb, the methods by which we do this are ever-evolving. 

One of the most important inventions for enjoying your concentration has been the carb cap. Due to this invention, users can now enjoy their concentrates without scorching their banger, take red hot dabs and, of course, finally taste that sweet terpene goodness. 

There are different carb caps on the market, but they relatively do the same thing. They are designed so that the user doesn't have to heat up their banger (or nail) until it's red hot or wait until it's too cold. Here is why that is an issue.

The Banger is too hot: We get it. We have literally ALL been there. We heat up our banger or nail with our torch, wait until it's glowing red hot, drop out dabs in and simply watch it all turn to black. It's burnt, it tastes terrible, and you lose a lot of what makes using concentrates great! Not to mention that if you are using a small, simple rig, you may even get some hot dab spitting back into your mouth. No good. 

The Banger is too cold: This is what you typically see when someone learns that they torched their dab with a way-too-hot banger. When someone does this, there is a typical learning curve for finding that nice sweet spot. A "Goldilocks" scenario if you will. The porridge is too hot, too cold, then just right. 

Unfortunately, if you vape a cold dab, there are a number of things you will notice. The first is that, very obviously, your banger will cool off before you can get the most out of your hit. Secondly, you'll notice that because your banger didn't "vaporize" the full amount of concentrate, it will leave a pool of it sitting there. The upside to that is that it isn't "wasted". You can reheat it and try again. At the end of the day, this is still a better step than flat-out torching your hit. 

While the latter is a better option. The best way to take a dab is correctly on the first try (I know some of you reading this might say "well, duh", but work with me here).


Let's get into the different styles of carb caps and their purpose

Carb caps allow you to take a colder hit and work to keep heat trapped inside the banger to extend the heated period. They come in a wide range of styles and shapes. Some of them are specifically designed to fit specific bangers. We'll get into that later. Just know that most carb caps are a preference to what you are specifically looking for. 


Bubble Caps

The bubble cap style is meant to control a directional flow. The best way to describe it is a bubble that has a straw through it. That's essentially just what it is. Its round shape helps it sit on top of the banger while the "straw" helps direct a small level of airflow throughout the interior. This allows you to vape every bit of your concentration throughout the process. You can even see in real-time how this works by jiggling the cap as you are taking your hit. Our Alpha vaporizer comes standard with this type of cap. 


Spinner Caps

One of the more popular caps that have been emerging is spinner caps. These caps are designed with a directional airflow meant for quartz bangers. They are designed in order to "spin" inside the banger in order to move concentrate around and vaporize easily. These caps are designed to work alongside "terp pearls" which sit inside the banger and move your concentrate around as well. 



This spinner cap was designed by the famous artist Gordo Scientific. Similar to a spinner cap, the design puts together a traditional bubble cap with the spinning airflow of the "Spinner". It is designed to create a defined corkscrew vortex inside the banger for even vaporization.


Dual Spout Spinner Carb Cap

This design takes the standard directional cap to the next level. Instead of moving your carb cap around to evenly vaporize your hit, this cap is designed with dual clockwise air vents in order to move the concentrate around your banger with little to no effort. 


OTP Spinner Cap

This cap was specifically designed by ONETRICKPONY Glass. Built utilizing solid marble which contains a cylinder spout that fits perfectly within a quartz banger. While other carb caps utilize restrictive airflow which locks the heat inside, the two slots on the side are designed for optimal airflow.


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