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Cartridge Quality Matters - Here's Why

Cartridge Quality Matters - Here's Why

Vaporizer cartridges are one of the most popular devices in the industry. While there are so many different ones on the market, lower-quality cartridges can cause issues where issues should not be pertinent.

Technological advancements are what shape the future. From your smartphone to your laptop to even the way we as humanity brew our own coffee. As time moves on, revolutionary concepts become outdated with the invention of the next generation. Remember Myspace? What happened to that? Oh yeah- Facebook became the new social media platform. Actually, remember Facebook? - you get the idea. 

At the same time as there are revolutionary innovative products and apps, there are more knock-off products that use the style yet burden consumers with cheaper and less quality-driven materials. Let's take a look at vaporizer cartridges. 

When refillable vaporizer cartridges hit the market, there was a lot of speculation about their quality of them. Like many other tanks, they utilized a cotton wick that would soak in the contents of the cartridge and used a heating element that would heat the cotton to a point where the concentrate would vaporize but not burn the cotton wick. Overall - they took the originally designed concept and changed how we used it. That was revolutionary at the time. 

Soon after vaporizers started to take shape within the industry, the focus on a healthier way to smoke became a huge selling point for these devices. "Lifestyle" branding started to make its way through the industry and the benefits of vaping became much more appealing to new users. 

While this was happening, CBD products were removed from the schedule 1 narcotics classification and became fully legalized. The link between using CBD to alleviate certain issues like skin, pain relief, and various other ailments changed how we viewed all of these products. No longer was the Grateful Dead the selling point, but for older citizens who did not want to be on various pills - this was a better alternative. Combine that with the idea of vaping where you don't burn anything and create combustion and you have a perfect mix of health and wellness paired with lifestyle branding. 


Not All Products Are Created Equal

When vape cartridges hit the scene, there was a slew of companies trying to get their hand into the game. Many of them tried to find a way to recreate the success with cheaper materials, but that came with problems. 


Vape Cartridge Quality Concern

Lower-quality cartridges have a lot of issues. Many of them break easily. Sometimes the glass tank can crack when the mouthpiece is simply unscrewed. Nobody likes purchasing a cartridge of their favorite concentrate only to have the cartridge break in their pocket. Once that happens, you're out of the money you spent, plus you now have a pocket full of sticky and broken glass. Good luck using those pants again. 

When vaping met the CBD industry there was a wave of new brands and product lines marketed under "health and Wellness". After everyone and their grandmother made a quick and rash decision to try and stick their hand in the pot, many could not dig themselves out of the low-quality hole they dug themselves in. 

The industry and consumers weren't fooled either. Smoke shops don't like people coming in and telling them that the product they sold to the consumer was junk (meaning a return). On top of that, the industry (before legalization) still focused on quality (even if it was a black market). Growers relied on their reviews to continue selling their harvest. This led to some being really good and others being absolutely terrible. The popular ones that are dependable and have a higher quality material are the ones that survive.

Another function that many vape cartridges have a problem with is the integrity of the ceramic coil. Ceramics can be made with cheaper materials in order to be considered "ceramic". Unfortunately, these cartridges don't last long in stores as once a few customers complain, they are either discontinued in order to not sell consumers junk products, or the company goes belly up once everyone knows that they are flukes, to begin with. Clogging was another issue that many faced.

Low-quality ceramic can break or chip under the amount of heat necessary for vaping. If that happens, then a mix of powder can, unfortunately, be inhaled along with your concentrates.


Quality Vape Cartridges Make The Difference

With so many devices on the market, vaporizer cartridges have continued to remain one of the most popular. One of these reasons is that popular brands continue to innovate. Creating cleaner burning and longer-lasting vape cartridges is key to enhancing the future and remaining relevant in an industry where new products and industry standards are set constantly. 


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