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Ceramic Coils - Where Does Innovation Go Next?

Ceramic Coils - Where Does Innovation Go Next?

Ceramic coils have been regarded as one of the best coils for vaping. Although they were not always available, innovative and effective vaporizer technology enhancement has made the industry leagues better than what it once was. With the introduction of ceramic to vaping, the industry and its users now see massive benefits from using this as their primary vaporizer source. 


Why Do We Use Ceramic Coils?

There are a number of benefits to using ceramic coils when you are vaping. Back when vaping was first introduced as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, there were only a handful of products, each one utilizing the same rudimentary technology. While the first edition of these vaporizers was a hit, the parts used would burn out quickly. This is due to the material used in the wicking process. The very first cartridges utilized cotton wicks which could only handle lower-burning voltages from vape pens. 

As products became more geared towards higher wattage and Box-Mod technology started to replace small-scale vape pens, many started to function with accessories and concentrate-specific atomizers and burning coils. While that technology was advancing, so were smaller atomizers and rig accessories. 

One of the first major shifts for vaping was utilizing other materials for longer burn times as well as high heat settings. Thus the introduction of ceramic coils had overtaken the cotton wick. While this was a great way to advance standard technology, it also allowed for battery technology to up its game. With higher temperature coils came the ability to adjust the voltage on your vape battery. 


What Are The Benefits Of Using Ceramic?

Ceramic coils provide a wide spectrum of benefits. Many of these include the following:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Vaping at higher temperatures
  • Improved flavor quality
  • No overheating


Since the dawn of pottery, humankind has used ceramics in order to survive. From the first oven to clay pots and bowls used for water and food, the idea of making temperature-resilient pottery was crucial for human development. Utilizing ceramic coils meant that taking a hit of burnt-out cotton was a thing of the past. On top of that, it allowed for multiple temperature settings that would customize a user's experience. 

The best part about making the switch from traditional methods was the improved flavor profile. There was a time (back in the day) when nobody really cared about terpene profiles. Now, with new states establishing common-sense policies, everyone is looking for the right flavor as well as the right strain in order to get the most effective vaping experience. 


What Are Some Of The Draw Backs From Ceramic?

Ceramic doesn't give you everything. If you were to choose another function, typically you would move to either glass or titanium. 

While ceramic coils can give you an even burn and the right flavor profile, they may be leaving out the high levels of concentrates. With titanium, you can vape at the highest temperature. This means that every little bit of concentrate is used from the cartridge. 

If you were looking for a cleaner tasting hit, you may want to go with quartz glass. This is a highly resilient tempered glass that is meant to handle high-heat scenarios. Although it has that benefit, it is a significantly weaker material that has the potential to be prone to cracking. 


How Are Ceramic Coils Continuing To Innovate?

Now that the basic functions are considered "set in place" technology is being used for longer durations and allowing for more concentration in your vape pods and cartridges. With the invention of disposable vapes, pod sizes are now doubling to give you a 2.0 mL and sometimes a 3.0 mL cartridge. These disposable pods are also utilizing pure ceramic technology where instead of the ceramic coil being housed in a metal casing, the entire system is ceramic. This is to help ensure longer-lasting sessions with high-temperature heating. 

While there are numerous vaporizers on the market, technology is making shifts in order to utilize both ceramic and titanium. With ceramic induction cups, the ability to quickly change out from a dry herb vaporizer to a concentrate vaporizer is fast and easy. Ceramic provides a cost-effective method for utilizing more innovative technologies. 

Now, more than ever has ceramic been utilized for vaping. While it may have been around for a long time, it will certainly stick around and be as innovative as the next round of technological advancements. 

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