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Ceramic or Metal CBD Carts: The Best Vape Pen Tech

Ceramic or Metal CBD Carts: The Best Vape Pen Tech

Ceramic technology has always presented itself as the best vape pen coil material. With new extraction methods offering different CBD oil concentrates, the versatility of ceramic has shown time and time again that it is the best vape pen coil.

Ceramics is starting to find another place inside 510 thread cartridge technology. Replacing the metal center post with a ceramic center post, and replacing the metal heat wiring with ceramic has presented a new layer to what current 510 thread cartridge technology can do. 


Ceramic Vs Metal Cartridges

Metal cartridges have been around for a long time. In fact, it is the industry standard at the current moment. The metal center posts have been a primary component since vape pens first hit the market. 

510 thread cartridges are made differently. That is why people have started to really identify quality with specific brands. Throughout the entire evolution of the vape pen cartridge, the metal center post has yet to see any significance, this is because there weren't too many problems. It was cost-effective and provided an adequate flavor profile. Like titanium bangers, a metal center post can affect the flavor quality. 

Ceramic cartridges were chosen in the first place because they had the same heat retention as titanium but provide a much greater flavor profile. 

One of the biggest issues that the metal center post has is leaching. By heating up the contents over and over, you have the potential to leach the metal components into the oil. Now, this happened with low-quality cartridges. Many of them do not exist today due to their inept ability to make the appropriate adjustments in safety and quality. Yes, there are still bad cartridges out there, but CBD oil needs to go through extensive testing to be sold to the public. 

Thus the focus on 510 thread cartridge quality became a major selling point for these devices. 


What Are The Benefits Of Full Ceramic Cartridges?

By utilizing a ceramic CBD cartridge, you will immediately notice a much more potent flavor profile. Once again, the focus on improving 510 thread cartridge technology is by implementing safer components and increasing the overall effectiveness of the vape. 

By replacing the metal center post and virtually all metal components with ceramic, the flavor profile gets a major boost and no trace metals can leech into the device. 


Flavor Improvement

Ceramic coils are porous in nature. Think of it like a golf ball. The dimples on the ball help to move it through the air more effectively. It traps the air while rotating and releases it on the other side to help propel it. Ceramics work like the air being trapped inside the golf ball. The oils and terpenes will continually stay in the porous coil until its fully used up. 

While a metal center post still provided SOME flavor boost, it failed in comparison to a fully ceramic center post. By utilizing the same porous nature of the coil and sealing it in a full ceramic post, you can now trap the flavored oils far more effectively. 


Greater Vapor Performance

Due to the nature of the ceramic cartridge, a boost in vapor performance is also an end result. More potent clouds that are not only large in size but large in flavor performance are what make the ceramic 510 thread cartridge the next stage in vape pen evolution.


Full Ceramic Vape Pods

Vape pods are a system that has adopted virtually every aspect of the 510 thread cartridge but did it differently. See, the vape pod and vape pod battery utilize almost all the same components, yet they are only developed for their respective device. if you really like a specific oil manufacturer, then you'll buy the pen and them. In fact, many Delta 8 CBD oil manufacturers will provide the vape pen battery for free as a promotional item. Give the public half of what they need and they will come back to your CBD oil. 

Vape pods utilize the metal center post. By replacing the center post in the vape pod, you get the same effects as the 510-thread cartridge. 

On the downside, most vape pen batteries that utilize the vape pod system do not have the adjustable voltage factors that a 510-thread battery will provide. Having a fully ceramic vape pod coil for CBD oil also prevents clogging and burning out. By having a ceramic vape pod you will notice that clogging issues will reduce tremendously.


Ceramic Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vape pens have adopted everything from vape carts. Their entire design is to provide the best possible vape pen experience with every component together. It simplifies the approach for consumers to get what they want when they want. No more purchasing a vape pen battery at one store and then purchasing a vape pen cartridge at another. You can walk into one store and have everything you need and walk out with one simple purchase. 

Disposable vape pens have adopted full ceramic coils in order to adapt to the current trends in the industry. In fact, they are evolving to a point where we are starting to see all the technology that was put into 510 thread batteries being implemented into disposable vape pen technology. 

From rechargeable ports to larger battery life to even variable voltage settings, disposable vape pens are taking all of the technological innovations and implementing them into their own vape pen systems. 


Delta 8 CBD Ceramic Cartridges

One of the biggest industries in the market is CBD. A quickly emerging niche within the market is Delta 8 CBD. Delta 8 CBD allows a more potent CBD experience. It also is a much thicker oil than the female plant. 

Across the country, you can walk into almost any store and find a CBD vape pen. While ceramics are starting to really hit the market, you will start to see disposable vape pens, 510 thread vape cartridges, and vape pod systems adopting all ceramic coils as the new industry standard. 

With the improved flavor performance of ceramic vape cartridges, you now have the most widely utilized CBD products now combined with new, safer, and more effective vape pen technology. 

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