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Customizable Temperature Settings Are The Future

Customizable Temperature Settings Are The Future

Customizable temperature settings have become a common factor for high-end vaporizers. These allow the user to fully customize their vaping experience and provide the best profile for their specific needs. Technology wasn't always this innovative, though. It took some time to get there. 


What Are The Benefits Of Customizable Temperature Settings?

Having the ability to fine-tune your rig is a more comprehensive and effective approach as opposed to the traditional methods. 

While the old way of using a dab was heating up a banger with a torch until it was red hot and then waiting for a cool-down, there was a lot of guessing and wasting of material. On the other hand, if the cool-down time wasn't long enough, you could have been hitting a really hot and burnt dab. 

It would take a nominal effort along with wasting concentrates, time, and money in order to find what was right. We all have a timer on our phones, but do we really need to do that just to take a hit? I mean, we were doing just fine with a simple pipe and a lighter, right? 

While those methods were adapted quickly, concentrate innovation developed what is commonly known as "e-nails". These were the first attempt at giving the user a specific heat setting. The concept added a little more to the mix by utilizing a large heating battery which you would plug into your wall. Attached to that was a heating "coil" that you would place just under a titanium banger. From the battery, you could set the specific heat temperature that you wanted for the desired effect. This would allow to not only dab traditionally, but also allow for "cold start" dabbing. 

This is where the science of vaping really became the mainstay within the industry. From here, many were able to experiment a little further in order to create a system for them that was perfect. 


Low vs High Temp Dabbing.

For users who would set their temperatures lower, they found that they would get a more flavorful hit. Setting the temperature under 450 degrees F would provide a number of benefits:

Better Flavor: This is due to the full terpenoid profile being utilized to the fullest. Higher temp hits will often burn these out right away leaving a very harsh and heavy hit. 

Less Extreme: While many within the industry want to get the highest they possibly can, many users want a nice and mellow experience. This is where lower temperatures really shine.

While lower temperatures are great for flavor, higher temperatures are all about the most effective hit possible. 

For those who want to blast off to NeBUDchadnezzar's dream world, a higher temperature is just what the doctor ordered. 

Higher temps are meant for you to get the highest you possibly can. This is sacrificing any form of relaxing experience that you would get from terpenes and flavor.

With higher temperatures, you are also getting the fastest response. This means the effects will come on fast and hard so be ready!


Do All Vaporizers Have Customizable Temperature Setting?

The answer is a kind of "yes" and "no". For starters, there are vaporizers that will give you a pre-set range of temperature settings. Many will provide a simple format for doing so. With three simple clicks of the power button on your vaporizer, you can switch between three solid ranges. They are typically within the same voltage range but differ slightly from pen to pen. 

Higher-end vaporizers are devices that have a full temperature range that you can use. 

Take, for instance, the Alpha. Not only can you pick and choose whatever temperature setting that you want, but you can also save these settings for preference. 

Another great device is the Akimbo. For dry herb, this device has two heating elements. One for conduction and another for convection. Each of these heating elements works together in order to give you the best dry herb vaporizing experience. 

Having a vaporizer that gives you a wide range of temperature settings provides the most optimal form for taking a hit from your concentrates. It also keeps you from losing precious material in the heating process as well as saves money! No more leaving your rig in the oven in order to catch all the reclaim! 




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