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Dab Pen Or E-Rig? Which Is Right For You?

Dab Pen Or E-Rig? Which Is Right For You?

Dab pen or E-rig is a common question for new consumers. Even for those who have been in the game for a long time, there are plenty of benefits to each one. From portability and discretion to temperature control and optimal performance, each one has its benefits. 


Dab Pen Or E-Rig: What is The Difference?

These two products are very different. For starters, a dab pen is designed for. on-the-go vaping. With smaller battery life and pre-filled tank, the ability to carry it around is offset by the limited use. Now, this is not a bad thing. While yes, there is not much you can do with customization, the ability to take it with you to the park, beach, or hiking is the focal point that many seek when purchasing one. 

Dab pens have a battery life of 280 mAh to 500 mAh. While this may seem small, the technological improvements that have been made over the years have allowed for more customizable features. For pens, multiple voltage settings are now a staple. While the first pens to hit the market were only one low-temperature setting, the pens nowadays have a three-stage setting that has become the industry standard. 

Dab pens will typically hold 510 thread cartridges. These cartridges have a ceramic coil that allows for the vaporization process to occur. Simply screw the 510 cartridges to the 510 thread battery, use a few simple clicks to adjust the settings, and boom! Everything you need is at your fingertip.

Although not all pens are for 510 thread cartridges, some can be utilized for Rosin. By simply using a wand, you can load the chamber of a dab pen and have it ready to go with a simple wait time for heating up.

An E-rig is far more controlled, yet requires much more work. Originally developed to be placed on a standard glass rig, an E-rig (or E-nail) they were designed to do away with the standard butane torch methods that originally dominated the industry. 

The E-rig was designed to give the user the perfect temperature setting. It was a large battery that was plugged into the wall. Attached to the battery was a long cable with a heating coil at the end. This would sit under a titanium banger and would heat up the nail until it reached the desired temperature. 

Those were the first, and boy did they light up the scene. It allowed the user to avoid guessing when their nail or banger was heated up to the right temperature. Now, there were a lot of different methods to achieve the right temp, but many would either burn their dabs because they didn't let it cool down all the way Or they wouldn't heat it up enough (or let it cool down too much). 

Technological advancements have been emphasized the most in these types of vaporizers. Innovation is key and this is where the E-rig has developed into some of the most advanced vaping hardware. The traditional plug-in battery with a coil for your rig has been completely revamped. Everything still serves the same functionality of temperature control, but it has now been put into an all-in-one device that allows the user to bring it anywhere. With a rechargeable battery for traveling, the entire system is smaller, more compact, and allows for more optimal temperature control. 

On top of that, these E-rigs are known to be able to handle both dry herb and concentrates which eliminates the entire need for more than one system of inhalation. 

E-rigs also comes with everything you need right from the box. So do disposable vapes, but you don't necessarily need a carb cap, grinder or tweezers for those. 


Which One Is Right For You?

E-rigs offer a wider range of control over what you vape. It also lets you vape more than just a dab with a solvent mix. They let you use any type of concentrate as well as dry herb. These devices can give you the most optimal performance over any other device! 

The use of a dab pen can give you a similar result but is developed for a more personal experience while being made for on-the-go experiences. 

They each have their benefits without having really any drawbacks. Whichever device you are looking for, you can find it with iKrusher technology. 

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