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Disposable Vape Or 510 Battery: Pros and Cons

Disposable Vape Or 510 Battery: Pros and Cons

Disposable vape pens and the 510 thread battery have undergone massive improvements in order to shape the ever-changing vape pen industry. With so many innovations and upgrades, how does each device stack up against each other? This article will give you a thorough rundown of each device and its components. 

While disposable vapes have been around for almost as long, they were initially ditched for 510-thread technology. Believe it or not, this is true! In the beginning, disposable vape pens weren't designed to handle thick concentrates. Instead, they were developed for the newly emerging ejuice market. With lesser-quality components such as a cotton wick (which was meant to imitate the cotton wicks for larger box mods) and smaller vape batteries, it needed to change. 

Around the same time that these were hitting the market, the 1 mg cartridge was more than enough to sell a large amount of fully extracted oil. It wasn't long before the dab scientists took a look at these devices and say "yeah...we can do something with this."


510 Thread Cartridges and 510 Thread Batteries: Where Innovation Starts

While most vape pens at the time were large, cumbersome, and leaky, the idea of having a small, discrete vape pen that could last you the day became more appealing to customers. People wanted to be able to carry around their pens without having to put them in their backpack or leave it sitting around. On top of that, charging times and the overall cost to start vaping ejuice kept many people at the door and not ready to buy. 

In order to bring disposable cartridges to the forefront of the industry, major changes needed to happen. This is when vape pen manufacturers disassembled the idea of disposable vapes and replaced it with 510 thread technology. 510 thread vape batteries and 510 thread cartridges would be purchased separately. 

Oil manufacturers would purchase the empty 510 thread cart and fill them, while customers were allowed to find the right vape pen with the right settings perfect for them. 

In order for these to gain traction, though - there needed to be the technological evolution of both battery and cart. 

510 Thread cartridges replace cotton with ceramic. Most new users would complain about receiving a burnt nasty taste after using their cartridge for a little while. This was due to the fact that it takes much more power to heat wax than it does thinner ejuices. 

Taking a look back at the "dab rig" predecessors, vape pen manufacturers were able to take a look at the three top components for vaping oil. The first was titanium. It was durable and could be vaped at extremely high temps. This was great, but it lacked the overall flavor profile due to the nature of metal. The next was glass, but it couldn't handle the high temperatures (or being carried around everywhere) and would cause major leaking issues. At least it was settled on ceramic in order to produce a highly durable vape coil that also delivered an impressive flavor profile. 

Once the change to ceramic coils was made, 510 thread cartridges took off like wildfire. While the 510 carts were praised for their overall performance, the 510 battery needed to gain extra features as well. 


The 510 Battery And Features

The standard 510-thread battery is what most people are using now. The reason for this was the 510-thread technology of the time. See, most standard vape mods would use a 510 thread to attach the tank to the vape battery. Customers at the time were used to purchasing these accessories separately. In fact, coming from the world of rigs and waterpipes, this was a far easier solution. 

The biggest issue when the 510 battery was released was that it simply could not hold the charge. Thus, adding as many features into a small device became the focal point for batteries. 

510 thread batteries now have fully rechargeable ports, variable voltage settings, and pre-heat functions to help prevent clogging. Combine the 510 thread battery with the 510 thread cartridge and you have one of the most effective vape pens on the market. 


Pros: 510 Thread Is the Most Common

While it still remains one of the most popular devices, it is slowly being overtaken by disposable vapes (we will get into that next). The 510 thread components make these devices the most widely accessible vapes on the market. Customers like having a more customizable function to their experience. They want it tailor-made to their liking. These devices are not only extremely common but they also have the best functioning settings. 


510 Thread Cons

The standard 510 thread cartridge and 510 thread battery are some of the most used products on the market. With so many options to choose from, you may have a hard time standing out among the crowd. If you are just starting out, take a look at our guide on how to start a successful CBD brand! 


Disposable Vapes: The New Up-And-Coming Device

Disposable vapes had a bad start. Not being powerful enough or having the capacity to handle wax really brought it down, but what we learned was that the technology was great with a few tweaks. 

While the industry moved away from the "all-in-one" approach to vaping, this allowed disposable to sit back and wait to see how technology could be further implemented for a more enjoyable vape pen experience. 

Disposable vape pens adopted many of the innovative properties of the 510 thread battery pen and put them into their device. The ceramic, leakproof design and the more powerful battery were all the disposable vape needed in order to turn heads. By taking these components, oil manufacturers are able to fill their devices without the worry of customers complaining the vape battery died or the coil burnt out. 


Disposable Vape Pros

These devices are quickly becoming more popular with new consumers. While the first wave of consumers was put off by their lack of performance, new customers are getting their first time using a disposable vape. No need to mess with settings when it's all put together for you, right? On top of that, you don't need to make two trips (one to the smoke shop for the vape pen battery and the other for the cart). You can simply purchase this in one go and be on your merry way. 


Disposable Vape Cons

While many feel that having a more customizable experience is the best way to enjoy your product, many also don't feel they need to take their experience that far. A couple of puffs from a disposable might be just about what they need. 

Disposables don't offer as much as other vape pens. While they have caught up to the competition with leak-proof designs, more powerful rechargeable vapes, and an assortment of different coil components, it still only heats up to what the oil manufacturer (or hardware manufacturer) set it to. 


Disposable Vapes Are The Future

While they have not quite caught up to the standard of the 510 battery pen, they have gone in a different direction. Now, oil manufacturers can test out how their oils will vape from different settings. Instead of customers complaining and taking their feedback, they can have everything ready to go for the perfect hit every time. 


The iKrusher OMNI: Disposable Vape pens Evolution

The iKrusher OMNI is one of the first smart systems to calculate the best possible voltage curve for your disposable vape. The use of voltage curves can cause issues with the overall performance of the vape pen battery. 

iKrusher OMNI smart technology allows you to cut down on the stress of the battery and the overall coil temperature in order to give you the best most energy-efficient hit ever! This will help cut down on the battery life as well as prevent the coil from coming under any unnecessary stress. 

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