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Disposable Vapes: The Hottest Trend in 2022

Disposable Vapes: The Hottest Trend in 2022

Here we are in 2022. The world has changed a lot, maybe for the worse, maybe for the better (perception is a relative experience, right?). Fortunately, for a lot of use, we get to see the prominence of industry-leading products that are shaping the future of what it means to "inhale".


What Tops The Industry Game For 2022? Easy: Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes, as well as disposable vape cartridges, have been seeing a steady increase in users throughout the past few years. While there was an issue with "black market" vape cartridges going around and causing health concerns, those issues have been addressed and the industry has once again bounced back. 

Now that we are a quarter way through 2022, we are now seeing that these disposable vape devices are becoming the most popular devices out there. 


But Why?

Since the early 2000s, there was a national change of view. People were more focused on their health than ever before. This health "craze" became more than just a "craze" by the time legalization happened. While there were innovations to move people away from smoking to a safer, healthier route (vaping nicotine), other industries wanted to play their hand in the "healthier lifestyle" campaign. Since vaping has become such a household (in many cases) name, the movement of lighting a cigarette and combustion that you would inhale into your lungs moved into other avenues as well. Thus, vaping hit the CBD industry. 

Unfortunately at those times, vaping was relatively expensive. "Box mods" could cost upwards of $300 and you needed to do a lot of prep work before you could even take a hit. Then came extraction. With extraction, concentrate users could take small amounts of "wax" or "shatter" and mix them with the same ingredients that made e-cigarettes so appealing. 

Combine that with the quickly evolving legalization craze that struck the US after 2008 and you have small, easy-to-use, innovative vaporizers that anyone can take with them without being noticed. 

Fast forward to today and the industry still innovates itself. This is where we get to the disposable vaping trend that is currently dominating the industry through 2022.

For starters, those who are new to vaping (or the industry in general)  no longer need to spend a ton of money. No need for a grinder, a piece, or a lighter (or torch) to get started. They can simply walk into a store, pay the allotted amount and have what they need right there and ready to go! Most of the batteries even come with a decent charge so you can pull it out of the box and let it rip. 

The best disposable vapes will have innovative variable voltage technology. 


We've Come A Long Way

The world has changed since your parents (or grandparents now) took their first toke. The age of strong-arm McCarthyism was met with a counterculture of new-age "enlightenment" by the younger generation.  Back in those days, the technology of most sorts was basic paper or cigar wraps. If you wanted to try something more impactful, you needed to be an engineer (something we quite pride ourselves on being). 

Due to the number of states passing common-sense policies, what were once tiny "streams" of innovation are now becoming fast-flowing rivers across the US. Each river ebbs and flows in order to innovate and become a much larger entity. 

Still, while these progressions have been made for many within the country, others are still working their way to passing legislation. For those of us who are fortunate enough to live and work in a system that has made the progressive move toward the free will of the people, the legal industry thrives. 

There have been some major shifts within the past few years in our industry. In 2020, with COVID-19 keeping people indoors and shops closed, the largest beneficiary was standard "flower" shops. Then, in 2021, the largest number of states turning to common-sense policies happened. The peculiar thing about this was how, with each state passing, the implementation of home-grow initiatives became a rising star. 

One of the biggest reasons why that happened was due to a lack of operational licensed facilities. While each state had passed legalization, the other side of the coin presented a waiting game for those looking to obtain their recreational or medical products. While those shops weren't available, home grow was immediately there for citizens. On top of that, the price for "legal" products almost doubled. This was due to additional fees such as service charges and taxes. Not to mention the ATM fee for every time you run to the store. It became a much more conventional motive for those who wanted to get their hands dirty (in a legal way). 

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