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Disposable Vapes and 510 Cartridges: Soaring Through 2023

Disposable Vapes and 510 Cartridges: Soaring Through 2023

Disposable vapes and 510 cartridges continue to dominate the industry. In 2022, they were the top sellers for users among the legalized states of America and now they look to widen the gap even further for the following year. 

For small vapes such as these, how on earth could they overtake the standard and classic vapes? Well, technological advancements in the industry have helped propel their reliability and safety requirements to keep people using them. 


510 Thread Cartridges Continue To Rise

510 thread cartridges and 510 thread batteries are some of the most popular vapes. This is due to their versatility and technological improvements. 

When the 510 battery and cartridge were first introduced, they didn't have much going for them. That is because they were developed for a separate industry from the one they are now most commonly associated with. 

The 510 thread battery and cartridge and were designed to showcase the technological innovations of the time. At that specific time, everyone was making the switch from cigarettes to vaping. The batteries were small, didn't hold a charge and the cartridges contained materials that weren't suited for vaping thicker oils, wax, and extracts. Instead, they were predominantly developed to handle ejuice. This would often cause cartridge clogging to occur.

The wick was made from cotton, which couldn't handle the high voltage or longevity that oil needed. Instead, it was focused on nicotine. 

Most consumers purchased them as a cheap way to get their fix, but as soon as they hit the industry, another innovation was going to utilize this technology in a far more lucrative way.

Extraction - or "dabs" were quickly becoming one of the most popular trends within the legalized space. By removing the raw plant material, they were able to isolate the extracted CBD oils and wax and use them for what is now commonly known as "dabbing". 

At the time, if someone wanted to "dab" they would have to convert their regular bong into a "dab rig". This industry took on an entire identity of its own by creating a multitude of different "banger" materials. From titanium to glass and even ceramic, many found that by heating up the banger to the desired temperature using a butane torch, they could actively vaporize the wax material and inhale through their desired filtration device. 

510 thread batteries and refillable 510 thread cartridges quickly looked at that technology and thought "how do we implement it into our vapes". Sure enough - it wasn't long until they did. By utilizing a ceramic coil as opposed to a cotton wick, the ability to vape at higher voltage settings and temperatures was more effective. On top of that, ceramic coils were a major improvement in taste and quality.

510 cartridges quickly implemented this and became one of the fastest-selling vapes on the market. 


510 Batteries Improve

While cartridges were developing better, safer, and more effective ways to vape wax, so were batteries. In order to supply the power necessary to vape wax, they needed to improve the battery power while still maintaining its small discrete size. 

Vaporizer technology improved so much that this wasn't a problem. The next question was how can they improve the overall performance and experience for users. The slightly larger size of the battery meant that implementing variable voltages would allow users to vape at the desired voltage they wanted. No more overly burnt hits, nor underperforming low voltage hits. Customers could find the right "goldilocks" for their vaping experience. 

By combining the powerful 510 battery with the now fully upgraded 510 cartridges, the wax industry was able to soar alongside their technological developments. 


Disposable Vapes Take The Next Step

While 510 thread technology is the king of innovation, it had to start somewhere. One of the main reasons why the battery was separated from the cartridge in the first place was because they were originally designed to be disposable vapes. 

Disposable vapes didn't quite have the technological prowess when they were first developed. Low battery life and low-quality vape cartridge materials meant that users felt either griped due to their battery running out before they could finish, or not having the best overall vape experience. 

It wasn't until after they separate into the 510 thread category that these vaporizers were able to improve. That being said, the disposable vaporizer has found its foothold by implementing the same technology that went into 510-thread vapes. 

Rechargeable vape batteries, quality ceramic cartridges, and many other features are why they have been able to gain so much popularity over the course of such a short time. 


Vaporizers See A Decline

While vaporizers have been one of the most prominent forces, they have fallen to the ease a simplicity of disposable and 510 vaporizers. 

The idea of the tabletop vaporizer was to provide users with the ability to vape their CBD oils without the use of a torch and butane. When the industry first started, they provided everything that you needed to vape wax without the use of fire. Everything came in a completely customizable package in order to provide the best experience. 

They dominated most smoke shops at the time until small disposable vapes hit the scene. 

Vaporizers are still popular devices among consumers, but the compact and discrete quality of disposables and 510 batteries have completely outweighed their success. 


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