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Disposable Vapes: Gaining Ground In 2023

Disposable Vapes: Gaining Ground In 2023

Disposable vapes are quickly becoming more and more popular. Due to technological innovations and improved quality, these vapes are gaining ground on the once immortal 510 thread vape battery and cartridge.

When disposable vapes first hit the shelves in the later stages of the 2010s, they were designed for something totally different. At this stage and time, the disposable vape did not have the battery strength or cartridge quality to handle various extracts.

This is because disposable vapes were intended to handle nicotine-flavored ejuice. Ejuice comes in a much thinner viscosity. Thus, the original vapes were made for lower power and less durable coils.

This changed when the extract market started to boost its sales. In 2017, many extract manufacturers were looking for a way to utilize their concentrates without using an entire dab rig. Inventions were created in order to make the idea of dabbing wax more portable, but they still required a number of accessories that weren't that great to carry around.

Technology Tries To Improve

Torches and butane aren't what someone wants to take with them everywhere they go. On top of that, having a glass "nectar collector" just meant that the entire thing was easily breakable.

Oil manufacturers caught on to this by using the first vape pens that hit the market. Once they found out what it had the potential to do, major upgrades were put in place.

First, the vape pen had to utilize a material more durable than cotton. Many users at the time would complain that halfway through their cartridge, they would get this really nasty burnt taste in their mouth. This was because the cotton wick couldn't handle the high temperatures that were necessary to vape wax. The hunt was on for what could potentially replace this component. In order for them to find it though, they had to look at the technology available at the time.

Utilizing ceramic coil technology improves the flavor quality and lasts for much longer than traditional cotton. After ceramic was chosen, the next step was to give a boost to the battery.

How Are Disposable Vapes Changing For 2023?

Disposable vapes are looking to possibly overtake the once mighty 510 thread cartridge. Due to the universal nature of the 510-thread technology, anyone can purchase a battery at their closest smoke shop. Disposables didn't have this down at the time, and many could find that the battery would die, or the cartridge would fail before they finished what was left in their tank. Now, the technology behind disposables is reaching new heights.

The UZO TC: With a massive battery and rechargeable capabilities, the original UZO was one of iKrusher's most popular disposables. iKrusher went ahead and implemented a non-leak technology for both the coil insert and the tank. This allows users to be worry-free when vaping wherever they are!

Now, the UZO TC is the next stage in vaporizer hardware evolution. By implementing the OMNI Smart System into our arsenal, oil manufacturers can now adjust the voltage settings on their disposables in order to preserve battery life and coil protection.

The NORD TC: The original Nord allowed for a multitude of customizable options. The Nord provides either a metal or ceramic center post and has the option for multiple battery settings.

It's no wonder that this device was chosen to be another flagship of disposable vape pen technology. iKrusher added the Nord TC to our list late in 2022 and it has quickly been adopted by those who have loved the Nord and are looking to take the next step to provide better user satisfaction with their vape pens.

Tik Pro MINI: The Tik Pro was the most popular device once iKrusher launched it back in 2020. With a 0.5 mL tank and one of the first rechargeable vapes to hit the market, this was quickly a fan favorite.

Now, with technological upgrades on the horizon for 2023, the Tik Pro Mini is receiving a facelift. We shrunk the battery but added rechargeable capabilities to the device. We also integrated the OMNI Smart System into our vape pen lineup to accommodate the new generation of vape pen hardware.

iKrusher OMNI: Technology For Disposable Vapes

The iKrusher OMNI Smart System is the first of its kind. With integrated smart technology for disposable vapes, the ability to adjust the disposables vape pen voltage curve is what makes the OMNI the next stage in vape battery hardware. By adjusting the voltage curve over an 8-second time variable, the stress of the vape pen coil is cut down dramatically. On top of that, battery life is optimized in order to keep your vaping at the same level, but with far less stress than the vape pen battery and the coil. 

This is all to cut down on the vape battery losing power, the coil clogging, and much more! 

iKrusher Custom Vapes: Make Your Disposable Stand Out

Our custom vape app will help bring your vision to life. With the technological improvements in vape pens, it's no wonder why so many people are starting to shift their focus away from 510-thread vape pens to a different vape pen battery. With disposables, the iconography moves away from the person who wants to throw stickers on their vape batteries. It has now moved the cool features away from the user and into the oil manufacturer. This is due to the manufacturer trying to gain attention to their own specific product. If they can provide a top-quality oil vape pen, then if they dress it up with a cool graphic for a custom vape, then they can make their way to the top.

Technology Pushes The Bar

With technology constantly evolving in vape pen technology, it was only a matter of time before we started to see a shift away from the universal and customer-focused approach to vaping. Now, it's on the oil maker to provide quality products. Buying the best vape pen comes with fewer issues from product malfunctions. 


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