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How Are Disposable Vapes Improving?

How Are Disposable Vapes Improving?

Disposable vapes are at the peak of the vaporizer industry trend. With so many options and specs, what does the long-term future look like for a short-term use product?

Disposable vaporizers have become an all-in-one product that allows a user to purchase everything they need in one go. Prior to these products hitting the shelves, the industry was a little different. 

Since 2017, the use of 510 thread cartridges and batteries has been the mainstay for anyone looking to hit their pen on the go. Whether the user was at the beach, park, hiking, or anywhere else, the availability of vape pens has made them one of the largest industry products ever. 

As new products started pushing through the industry, so too did the technological aspect. Concentrate makers found the best cartridges that would work with their product and teamed up to produce pre-filled cartridges that consumers could buy at their local dispensary. 

While this was a great innovative feature for the industry, there were a number of factors that would eventually be built upon. A major one is that you needed to purchase a vape pen and cartridge separately. If you walked into your local smoke shop looking for a pen with a limited budget, you were often sold a bottom barrel device that would die out on you in a matter of weeks. This led to many believing that the vape pen wasn't the way to go. While that thought never became a reality 9due to technological innovations for vape pens) the industry still continued to move forward. 


Disposable Vapes = A Simple Alternative

While the entire vaping industry has been based around a more technical approach, not everyone was going to become more familiar with the number of parts that go into having an effective and enjoyable vaping experience. For starters, big-bulky and expensive box mods weren't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. On top of that, finding the right tank and coils that would burn out every two weeks was burdensome to those who were used to walking into the dispensary, picking up their dry herb, and using it right out the door. 

Another issue of note was the maintenance. If the heating element was blocked by your concentration, you would find that your pen would be blinking a number of times due to a "connection issue" this meant you would spend a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on only to realize the simple fix was to clean out the atomizer and heating element on the vape with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. 

Thus, easy-to-use and affordable products became a hot topic for many manufacturers. With that came the first wave of disposable vapes. A small, lightweight, and cost-effective solution to the issue of the industry.


How The Industry Shifted Towards Disposable Vapes

With the new method of inhalation taking up a chunk of the industry, there was a way for smaller concentrate makers to sell their products. Across the legalized states, there has been a wave of small-scale businesses utilizing disposable vapes in order to promote their brand. 

For starters, they can fill these disposable vaporizers easily and with less expensive machinery. Another factor that has helped them boom the way that they have is the ODM process. This allows these companies to purchase vaporizers from white-label companies and throw their brand logo and designs on them without having to develop their own technology. 

With the disposable vaporizer industry continuing to evolve and innovate, the technical side of things has put a lot of emphasis on making products smaller all while still providing an optimal and enjoyable experience for the user. 

Ceramic coils are becoming more durable as well as extended battery life makes worrying if a user's battery will die before they finish a thing of the past. 

One of the biggest factors for the upcoming disposable vape pen industry is the inclusion of voltage technology. With an adjustable power curve, you can now optimize your disposable vape pen's performance in both function and flavor. In the coming future, the best disposable vape pens will have this technology implemented into them. 


What Is In Store For The Future?

The future is always uncertain, but we've seen things go really right with our predictions. We are on the precipice of larger tanks and longer battery life. 

With ceramic technology becoming a staple in disposable vapes, the longevity of a single-use device enables manufacturers to think bigger. 

2.0 mL tanks will be the next big thing along with a larger battery that can support longer use. All of these factors are the most important parts. Add in the fact the technology is ever shrinking and you will find that these devices aptly named "disposable" will last longer than any of their predecessors. 

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