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Disposable Vapes Or 510 Thread Batteries: Which One Works For You?

Disposable Vapes Or 510 Thread Batteries: Which One Works For You?

Disposable vapes and 510 thread batteries have unique properties that have peaked within the industry. With technological innovations continuing to propel them into the spotlight of the most popular devices, the question comes:

Which device should you choose?


510 Thread Batteries: The Industry Leader

Since the dawn of vaporizer products, the idea of what we could do and how far we could take it was hitting the minds of industry leaders and manufacturers. Batteries have also added recharging capabilities to last longer.

As vaporizers had hit a peak with large, box mods meant for juice, so did the idea of taking things in the small and compact direction took a foothold. 

Small batteries that were single-use and had a 1.0 mL tank attached were filling shelves across the US at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, the technology at the time was limited, but it DID showcase what could be done at the time. 

It didn't take long before industry leaders took to these small devices and implemented vape improvements in order to utilize thicker waxes and oils. The cotton wick was the first to go. Cotton was not nearly as durable for the high heat temperatures that were required for vaping thick oils. 

With that, the industry took a look backward and utilized the original components of dab rigs to implement more effective vape technologies. Ceramic coils were first introduced as a way to provide a longer-lasting experience for users. Instead of using the cotton wick, the ceramic coil would handle high temperatures for longer durations while maintaining a better flavor output and performance. 

This was also at a time when 510 thread cartridge technology and battery technology had separated to create products that could be used together. Most vaporizers of the time required a tank and a battery, this was where the industry standard 510 thread device became the norm. 

Instead of cheaper less-quality products, the industry put its absolute focus on providing effective, more effective components for user safety and experience. 


510 Thread Battery Innovation

The 510-thread battery was no different. Around the same time that dab carts were improving their technology and performance, 510 batteries needed to up their innovation as well. 

While many batteries at the time were either single-use or had a low battery mAh, they couldn't quite handle the level of power that was required for thicker oils. Instead, the industry pushed these devices out to help bolster the ever-growing juice industry. 

The switch to place these devices into the dab and CBD industry meant that batteries needed to be more powerful. This led to a renaissance of technological innovations as to who could provide the more effective 510-thread battery. The first step was to provide users with more customization in their experience. By adding variable voltage to the device, and a button activation for drawing instead of simply draw activation, users could customize their experience to the way they overall wanted. 

Combining the technological improvements of both 510 thread batteries and 510 thread cartridges along with the industry standard 510 thread technology meant that a universal standard could focus on improving its effective qualities for years to come. 

On top of that, the addition of anti-clogging preheat settings have helped to solve one of the biggest issues in the vape industry.


The Disposable Vape And Its Impact

A disposable vape was the original blueprint for this industry. While having an all-in-one device was thought to be the most optimized form, the technology wasn't quite there for one-time-use vape batteries. 

The original switch away from disposable vapes was to make room for innovative 510 technology. This left them in a small "dark age". 

This has quickly changed. 

While 510 thread vapes were the "heralds" of vape innovation, disposable vapes took that technology to the next step. As for customers, they were wearing of the quality of the product, but by implementing the entire system of current 510 vaporizers and putting it into a simple all-in-one vape. 

Battery life dramatically improved with the ability to add rechargeable functions. On top of that, battery power dramatically improved as the technology to make more powerful (yet smaller) vape batteries meant that retaining the small, discrete size while adding technological improvements was the key focus. 

Still, after all of these innovations had been brought into the disposable vaporizer fra, people and oil manufacturers still showed concern over the quality. Namely battery life. 


Vaporizer Improvements For The Future

Original disposable vapes left the end user with a dead battery halfway through their experience. This meant that the money that they poured into having a good time was cut short by faulty (or inadequate) technology. 

As for the tank, the industry standard 510 thread cartridge and vape battery have been slowing down in order to promote the all-in-one functions of the device. This meant that disposable vapes had to have improved coil quality over the industry standard in order to lure in new customers. 

While these methods have shown success in establishing a device once thought of as obsolete, they still haven't propelled the disposable vape line to the top. 

Both industries are at this point neck and neck. Customizable options continue to outweigh the simple and ease-of-use nature of disposable vapes. 

Both devices can get you where you need to go with little variations, but now technology is improving the vaporizer technology one step further. 

Disposable vape technology is releasing the next line in vape technology with the OMNI smart system. This device will let oil manufacturers control the voltage levels of their vaporizers in order to cut down on battery stress and coil life. This will help to ensure that every user has the best possible vaping experience. 

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