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The Technology Behind Disposable Vaporizers

The Technology Behind Disposable Vaporizers

Disposable vaporizer technology has evolved since its first introduction to the industry. From the early days to now vaporizer technology has seen monumental improvements. 

The concept has created what many find as a "safer" way to enjoy CBD. From vaping first rounds to now, let's look through the technology that innovates and improves the industry standard.

The Beginning Of Vaporizer Technology

In the early 2010s - even as far back as 2008, vaping had emerged as an alternative to unhealthy carcinogens and tar byproducts of cigarettes. Large box mods were powered by large batteries and the entire process was tedious. 

You had to assemble the coils, thread the cotton through and make sure it was saturated enough in order to prevent any burning while you enjoyed your e-juice. 

At this same point in time, extraction methods also brought a new industry under the umbrella of vaping - Dabs. 

With an oil/wax that could be separated from the dry herb and having a CBD content of close to 100% these became widely popular among users. So much so that an entirely new section of the industry was carved out specifically for them.

Using wax or "Dabbing" required another rig, a banger, and a heating element such as a torch and a carb cap. Many consumers were drawn to the idea of hitting higher potency concentrates. 

Disposable Vaporizer Technology First Hits The Market

While dabbing was becoming more popular, "vaping" had grown into a more technologically advanced industry. The introduction of coils that could be unscrewed and screwed back in made the concept easier and more catching to those who were turned off by the complexity of the concept. 

Not only did vaporizers become more appealing, but the introduction of cartridge technology made its debut. These were simple and small creations that would soak the e-juice in a cotton which, and heat it through an atomizer in the same way that larger box mods would perform. They were a 510-thread cartridge that would fit onto a 510-thread battery. You could purchase the cartridges and the battery separately. 

These devices are where disposable vaporizers first became an idea. In the beginning, the consumer would have to purchase the pen separately and the cartridge separately. On top of that, these products, when first introduced, didn't have the same level of quality as current devices. Cotton wicks would burn out quickly due to the low threshold of the material and cartridges were often plastic and off-putting. The 510 thread batteries were also seen as a cheap disposable factor that many would argue the quality of devices at the time often overshadowed their presence. 

510 thread cartridges and batteries needed an upgrade. This is when technology really came into the picture. 

Disposable Vaporizer Technology Innovates

After the initial breakthrough of these devices within the industry, manufacturers had to ask themselves where to go next. For many, it meant providing a simple (yet effective) way to provide multiple voltage settings inside such a small stick. For others, it was the quality of the coils that were being produced. The latter evolved away from the traditional and lower quality cotton wicks, to full ceramic and titanium.

The start of this is where we begin to see where disposable vaporizer technology really came into the frey. With cartridges and pens carving out a 20% chunk in the market vs traditional means, Wax and oil manufacturers ran into a conundrum - nobody can use the cartridge if they don't have a pen, and nobody can use a cartridge if they don't have a cartridge. 

Thus taking all of the technology that went into the cartridges and pens was placed in a simple, easy-to-use vaporizer that is designed to provide the most optimal performance based on the specific requirements of the manufacturer. 

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