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Disposable Vaporizers: Taking Control Of The Market?

Disposable Vaporizers: Taking Control Of The Market?

Disposable vaporizers are quickly becoming an industry hot trend. While the concept has been around for a number of years, technology is increasing to give these small devices the utility they need in order to adequately provide the best possible experience for users. 

Through technological innovation, disposables now have more customizable options than ever before. Disposable vaporizers have carved out a solid foothold in the industry and are looking to dig a little deeper to fully penetrate the market. 


Disposable Vaporizers Create Competition

Throughout the start of vaporizer technology, the 510 thread battery and 510 thread cartridge were some of the most popular and innovative devices. Since its inception, it has undergone a tremendous amount of innovation in order to maintain its strong position in the market. 

Over the years these devices have been behind in terms of what cartridges and 510 thread batteries could do. With the technological innovations that have gone into disposable vapes, cartridges are feeling the pressure. 

The crazy thing is that disposable vaporizers simply took the technology that was developed over the years from 510 thread cartridges and attached them to an all-in-one vaporizer battery. 


Disposable Vaporizers Weren't Always Popular

As was the same case for 510 thread batteries, when small disposable vaporizers hit the scene, they were seen as a cheap gimmick. If only the people who thought that way would have invested in the future - they would have been missing out. 

There were tons of drawbacks to one-time-use devices. The battery could die, the coil could burn out or there might be excessive leaking. 

While they were getting slammed for poor performance, 510 thread devices caught on quickly and decided to innovate. Finally, the industry is starting to pay attention and give focus to the much-needed disposable niche. With technological innovations such as temperature control, voltage settings, and rechargeable batteries, the idea of your device dying on you is a thing of the past. 


How Did The Industry Fix These Issues?

One of the best additions to disposable vaporizers was to provide the option for a rechargeable battery. Sticking a micro USB charging port helped to alleviate the issue of your battery dying before it was finished. 

Another factor was simply providing a larger, more powerful battery to go alongside its rechargeable qualities. 

Now you have a larger battery (that is still small and compact) that can provide all the power and high-level voltage settings. 

But what do you do with the coil technology when the battery gets bigger and better? You replace it with a material that can handle higher temperatures and more power for extended periods of time. The industry simply added a ceramic coil instead of the traditional cotton wick system that would burn out almost immediately. Ceramic technology wasn't new by any means. It was initially developed when dabbing was the only method of inhaling CBD. The innovation came from the 510 thread cartridge department. 

Disposable vaporizers took all the innovation that had been built from the cartridge industry and put everything together - essentially carrying the torch. 


How Are Disposable Vaporizers Improving The Industry?

Oil producers have a vast array of extraction methods. These methods utilize different solvents and can create a multitude of outcomes. Thinner concentrates require different voltage settings as well as thicker concentrates. Wax, shatter, butter, and oil all have different properties that can put a strain on a standard vaporizer battery. Thus, providing the outlet for producers and manufacturers to customize how their devices will work in perfect unison with their oils has been the main end goal. 

Since disposable vaporizers require only one purchase, businesses have found that if they utilize a device that is specifically for their oils - they can keep their popularity in the spotlight and maintain a consistent returning customer base. 

If you want a specific company's oil, then you need to buy that specific company's vaporizer. This is in stark contrast to the standard 510-thread vaporizer industry. You purchase the pen, then you purchase the specific company 510 thread oil cartridge. 

While disposable cartridges are quickly becoming the hottest industry trend of 2022/23, it still has some catching up to do in order to surpass the widely standard 510-thread device list. Still, by leapfrogging into the spotlight, we will potentially see a vast number of pre-filled disposable vaporizers filling the shelves instead of the once-classic standard pens. 

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