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Dual Heating Vaporizers - iKrusher's Innovation

Dual Heating Vaporizers - iKrusher's Innovation

Dual heating vaporizers are quickly becoming a staple in high-tech vaporization. While traditional methods mean creating an elaborate system that includes a heating coil, dab rig, and recyclers, technology is advancing into the realm of portability by utilizing electricity over the traditional methods. 


What Are Dual Heating Vaporizers?

To put it simply, it is a device that enables the user to set two separate heating elements. While the current landscape is set to one specific temperature and heating cycle, a dual heating vaporizer allows the user to have full functionality. 

If the user wants to utilize the benefits of concentrates, then they can have a specific setting made for a specific heating element. If the user wants to utilize the benefits of dry herb then they can create a pre-set for that as well. 

Having a dual heating vaporizer allows for the most optimal experience while being on the move. 


What Is The Benefit?

One of the major benefits of this function is that someone can easily switch from concentrates to dry herb and vice versa without having to swap out an entire rig. 

There is another factor that comes into play as well. That is the emerging disposable vape industry. While traditional methods such as hand pipes, nectar collectors, and rigs come with a less than ideal transportation stigma, these new devices have garnered discrete and easy-to-use functionality. 

With technology ever-evolving, the industry is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of its vaporizers with a discrete and low-profile nature. Do you really want to lug around a dab rig with you at all times? Not really. 


Dual Heating Vaporizers Give Users The Performance Of A Dab Rig In A Small Package

Going to the beach, or a hike, or anywhere back in the day meant you had to lug around a delicate piece of glassware to get the job done. On top of that, you also had to carry around a dab torch just to heat up the device. Now, there are small portable pieces that you can take with you, that really isn't a problem, but do you really want to lug around a flammable torch? Nah.

Having an electronic hand-held device is the perfect innovation for the future of concentrates and dry herb. 


Dual Heating Vaporizers VS Disposable Vaporizers

While there is plenty of good use from either of these, disposable vaporizers are one-and-done products that are typically pre-filled with one specific strain. Not only that but in order for disposable vaporizers to function appropriately, there needs to be some watering down of the product in order to it to be inhalable. This type of vaporizer doesn't give you much to work with in terms of customization. 

This is why the industry is shifting to give users the best possible experience. There is nothing like the DIY approach, and with so many pre-filled cartridges out on the market, some are even making their own extracts in the safety of their own home. For those who like things done their own way, having a dual heating vaporizer is one of the best next steps to take. 

A dual heating vaporizer allows for portability, and functionality which allows the user to add whatever they want when they want. 


Let's Talk About iKrusher Dual Vaporizers: The Akimbo

The Akimbo dual heating vaporizer is one of the most technologically advanced pieces of vaporizer hardware on the market. With so many features and easy-to-use functionality, this is the first step for the industry to make the move towards portable and high-performing technologies. 

What makes this device so cool is that it allows for easy vaping for both dry herb and concentrates. Now, there are already other vaporizers out there on the market, but there are a number of reasons why the Akimbo reigns supreme. Let's go through why this guy takes the throne. 

Battery Life - Many dual vaporizers say that they can do both dry herb and concentrate, but are they great at it? No, from experience, many of them have to sacrifice functionality to have both. In that space, you may just want to purchase a device that is specifically meant for one, then purchase a device that is specifically meant for the other. Now you have to carry around two different vapes just to do the same thing. The Akimbo has a whopping 2600 mAh battery that allows for high functionality and high temperatures so you won't be running out of power anytime soon. 

Combustion and Convection Heating - Not only does the Akimbo allow for both concentrates and dry herb, but you can set it to vaporize both if required, or you can set both to burn (which we sort of recommend). In truth, the ability to use these functions however way you want is what makes this device a full-fledged swiss army knife for dabs and dry herb. 

Water Filtration - We know that even in the vaping atmosphere, users want a smooth clean hit when they take a drag. This is why we designed the Akimbo with multiple mouthpieces including a water filtration system. Simply add some water, and stick it on top and you're good to go! 


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