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Dual Wield This Summer With The Akimbo!

Dual Wield This Summer With The Akimbo!

The Akimbo is the latest development in iKrusher Technology. There are a TON of features that come along with this all-in-one vaporizer. Let's take a look at what went into the development of this summers hottest new vape!

Where did the name "Akimbo" come from?

Dual wielding is one of the coolest things to see in action movies. Whether it's Darth Maul in Star Wars with a double-sided lightsaber or timeless gunslinging western films, the "dual" thing just seems kinda cool, right? We certainly thought so. That is why our engineers added the "dual" function to a modern vaporizer. 


Let's Talk: Akimbo Vaporizer Specs

When it comes to vaporizers, we all know the industry brushes through devices with a fine-toothed comb. Our engineers here at iKrusher love utilizing vaporizers for their recreational and medical needs. Not only do our engineers enjoy figuring out how to make the best vaporizer, we are a full-fledged team that has experience within this industry and has tried hundreds of vaporizer products on the market. 

While some manufacturers design, build and develop a product that is "affordable" they often lack key components that make them great. This leaves a lot to be imagined after you threw down some money on a brand new vape. 


Can a device really be good at both convection and conduction?

Yes, there have been vapes out there that have been designed with both features in mind for a while, but are they really that great? As someone who ran a smoke shop, I can tell you that most of these "dual" vaporizer batteries sacrifice a lot to be able to do both. 

For instance, there are TONS of vaporizers that state that they can do both convection and conduction heating, but that takes away from their performance. Do you really think a 1200mAh battery can last you that long? On top of that, in order to do both, one side has to sacrifice efficiency. If you are someone who specifically likes dry herb and flower, it was known that you should put the money upfront for a traditional dry herb vaporizer. 

Not Anymore! Let's take a look at why the Akimbo Vaporizer Gives You the Optimal "Best of Both Worlds".

One of the things that we wanted to put extreme focus on when developing this vaporizer was the battery life. The amount of power and longevity of a battery that holds 2600mAh was to be able to run whatever setting you wanted and switch back and forth to another. 

This allows for the ability to do both concentrates and dry herbs for extended periods of time.

The Akimbo Gives You Everything You need For Convection Conduction and Hybrid. 

We designed our product with the ability to run all three methods. We even developed it to combine these to perform specifically to how you vape. Not only do we give you a device with these fine-tuned options, but we also give you adaption pieces to boot!


What Comes With The Akimbo?

For starters, we believe that the device can be utilized for a multitude of purposes. Do you own a water pipe? Well, we developed an adapter piece to fit any size slide. Whether it's 12mm, 14mm, or 18mm you can use the Akimbo with virtually any glassware! 

Need to vape your Akimbo while on the go? No problem! We designed the AKimbo to go anywhere with you! The idea of portability was the first thing we thought about when we designed this device. Not only do we give you a waterpipe attachment, but we also give you a bubbler piece for smooth cool hits while you are on the go!


How To Use

Simply click the firing button 5 times in succession to turn on the device. From there you can use the "Up" and "Down" arrows to adjust your heating temperature. Once you have all your parameters set, it's time to enjoy either your concentrates or your dry herb!


How To Charge

We made charging super fast and easy. We introduced the C-type charging cable in order to give users the most optimized charging functionality. Simply plugin your Akimbo to the charging cable, and plug the charger into a wall outlet and you're good to go!



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