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End Of Year 2022 Vape Pen Wrap Up

End Of Year 2022 Vape Pen Wrap Up

2022 was a great year for vape pen products. With so many users making the switch to discrete, small- yet powerful vape pen batteries, it's no wonder that this end-of-year "wrap-up" is all about vape pens!


Vape Pen Sales Increased In 2022

The standard vape pen was one of the most popular vapes sold this year. With so many different versions and styles, anyone can find the specific vape experience that they were looking for. 

One of the biggest vape pens remained the standard 510 battery pen. The 510 battery pen and 510 cartridges have been a staple in the vape industry for a number of years. 

Next, we saw that disposable vapes made huge strides in their development for a more customized vaping experience. 

Let's deep dive into which vape pens came out on top.


510 Cartridges and 510 Batteries

The standard 510 thread cartridge and 510 thread battery have been a staple in the vape culture of America. These vaporizers have become some of the highest-selling vapes on the market and continue to show growth while maintaining a high standard of innovation. 

The 510-thread battery has undergone some of the most technological vape innovations since its inception. These vapes also created the standard in quality that many have become attached to. 

A cartridge vape is one of the most simple vaporizers to use, yet comes with a powerful battery that has customizable settings for vape users. 

The vape battery itself has undergone a lot of changes since it first hit the market. With a number of innovative upgrades, it has become the most popular vape device.

At first, the vape battery was considered a "disposable vape" as the cartridge and battery came as one joined unit. When these devices started to catch the eye of oil manufacturers, the idea of using them for extracts made them the perfect CBD vape pen for innovation. 

The first step was to separate the 510 cartridges and the 510 vape battery. By utilizing the industry standard 510 thread technology that came to be known by most vape components, they were able to innovate each one separately and provide the best experience for users. 

The vape pen battery was the first to be upgraded. The initial development of these vaporizers was to handle ejuice. The battery was small, the cartridge didn't have the best components and there weren't any customizable options. 

Technology at the time could only develop this far. It was when they met thick oil and wax development that these vape batteries became more popular. Without sacrificing the overall integrity of the simple discrete vape design, they were able to make these vaporizer batteries far more powerful and delivered multiple voltage options for users. 

The second innovation was the radical change in how vaporizer cartridges worked. The first 510 cartridges contained a cotton wick that would burn under the voltage required to vape oils. This meant that finding a different material would be better suited for these vape pens.  

Thus, the search for more durable and flavorful components hit the drawing board. By using past technology such as glass, titanium, and ceramic bangers, the cotton wick was replaced by a number of these vape materials, and the search for an industry-standard was on.

 Over the course of trial and error months, it was noted that ceramic provided the best possible experience for cartridge users. This was due to the high durability which could handle the higher voltage needed to vape CBD wax, as well as a more flavorful experience due to the porous nature of the material. 

In 2022 - The 510 thread vape pen and 510 thread battery are still the most popular device due to their customizable options and innovative tech. 


Disposable Vaporizers Start To Catch Up

While the technology of 510 thread vaporizers had been an innovative landmark, so too did the disposable vaporizer market. As we mentioned, the original disposable vaporizer quickly turned into the 510-thread vaporizer. While that industry flourished, it took time for the disposable vaporizer industry to catch up. There were a number of issues that came with early disposable vapes. 

The first was the inconsistent voltage output and low-quality tanks. When these devices first hit the smoke shop shelves, they were called out for their lack of quality. Many would purchase a pre-filled disposable and learn that the battery did not last as long. Once the battery died, there was no way the user could finish the rest of the tank. 

In 2022, these devices took their shot at becoming one of the fastest-growing vaporizers. By implementing ceramic technology, and more powerful, rechargeable vapes  - disposable vapes have taken major strides in performance improvement. 


Standard Vaporizers See Action

While small, discrete, and portable vaporizers have become increasingly popular among new users, the idea of having a larger all-in-one device has also gained notoriety. Having a larger vaporizer for wax, shatter, butter or any other type of extract has been a popular choice for many looking to move away from traditional methods.

Prior to the vaporizer revolution, most people utilized what is commonly known as "dab rigs". This utilized a much smaller "rig" than a traditional water pipe. It also used what is now commonly referred to as "bangers". These "bangers" would use ceramic, titanium, or glass materials in order to vaporize the wax. The drawback of using this method was having to purchase all your pieces separately as well as utilize harmful butane torches that had a tendency to not work all of the time. 

Having a vaporizer that simply takes care of all heating requirements, while also maintaining a large battery life and multiple function settings has given people a revitalized way to vape their wax. 

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