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How Are Vape Pods Changing The Game?

How Are Vape Pods Changing The Game?

Vape pods are some of the most popular devices in the vape industry. With so many technological innovations and advancements in technology, why are these standing above the rest? 


Vape Pods Cater To Quality Vape Oil

Vape pods cater to those looking to promote their oil. In terms of starting a CBD oil brand, there are many options. With 510 thread technology continuing to be one of the most universal components in the vape pen industry, it's easy to see your cartridge reaching out to the widest range of vape pen users. 

If you are looking to attract the most people possible, that is an easy way to go - but what if we told you that it's the quality of your concentrates and oils that keep customers coming back? Sure, the widest range has many people potentially purchasing your oil cartridge only, but with quality cartridges, you can sell a select device for users to access your vape product. 

One of the most influential products has been the vape pod and vape pod battery. While other devices were racing to attract the widest audience, vape pods were the unique vape pen that attracted returning customers - that is, of course, you had a one-of-a-kind oil. 


How Do Vape Pods Compete?

Back in the day, vaporizer products were just starting to showcase the technology that would be used to implement the most popular vape products in the industry. Disposable vaporizers had to be taken apart and put into 510 thread cartridges and 510 thread batteries in order to improve their quality and attract customers. 

Through those innovations, the entire disposable vape industry was set. This laid the groundwork for further implementing innovative features. 

Each vaping device had its own unique following and while vape pods were starting to wedge their foot in the game, someone thought about putting it in a different direction. Everyone loves purchasing specific 510 vape cartridges with oil, so why not create a device that works exclusively with pods that only contain your concentrate? The idea would be to create returning customers instead of reaching out to single-time purchasers and its work. 

One of the best promotional campaigns has been for oil companies to essentially give away free vape pens in order to sell their cartridges. If you can flood the industry with cool pens for free, you already have customers willing to try them out. For new users, this is a great way to get them to come back to you.


Innovation Continues

There have been major strides in vape pen development. Since the first time, someone thought about taking the low-quality 510 thread vape pen and integrating it with more effective components, the race for better, innovative, and game-changing technology. 

For disposable vapes, it wasn't until they were separated, and placed in a 510 thread cartridge and 510 thread battery that innovations would be able to continue. Originally, the cartridge wasn't a cartridge at all - it was a cotton wick. This worked specifically on ejuice as it was a thinner liquid than standard wax. The cotton wick would require more power to vape thicker liquids and would often short out and leave a nasty burnt taste. In order to improve the vape pen needed to be upgraded. Taking out the cotton wick and replacing the coil with ceramic was one of the most pivotal moves. This allowed the appropriate temperatures and longevity of the cartridge to be met and would last far longer than the concentrate in the tank. 

The vape pen battery needed upgrades too. While at first they were used for various ejuice liquids, they didn't have the power to heat up the cartridge and maintain the same level of performance. The largest problem was to continue the discrete nature of the device while still creating a bigger - more powerful vape battery. 

This was the catalyst for everything to come after. Vape pod technology took the exact same approach that vape pen cartridges took and created a unique and personal market instead of the most widely available. 


How Do Other Devices Match Up?

Vape pens have had a push and pull in regard to who wears the crown in the vape pen industry. 

Disposables have been making huge strides by adopting the same 510-thread technology as both standard cartridges and vape pods. While the promotional aspect of the vape pod system was a critical move to jump-start the vape pod into everyone's collection, having a disposable vaporizer becomes just that much more convenient. They don't have to worry about purchasing the next pod. They have an all-in-one vaporizer dedicated to their personal likes. This isn't to say that disposable vaporizers didn't take the same approach, but due to them implementing this method, they have been able to quickly rise. 

While 510 cartridges have also seen great improvements, more effective and simpler devices have begun to spring up and challenge it for the top spot. In order for vape cartridges to maintain their top spot, it has to innovate for the next generation of vaporizer hardware. 

Cartridge coils are gaining more notoriety for improvements in their design. With more porous ceramic being developed, users will find that a more profound flavor profile and better taste will come with the next stage in vaporizer innovation.


The Future Of Vape Pen Technology

This year start to see smaller vaporizers sitting on your dispensary shelves. Also, be prepared for larger cartridges and more flavorful hits! The changes for vaporizer hardware are always coming in hot in order to step out of the competition and take that top spot. 

Vape pen technology has always been in a race to be the best. While some offer user experience as their promotional go-to, others utilize the benefits of higher-quality ceramic, and others are looking to simply reach out to the largest amount of customers possible. With so many options and new advancements on the table, it will be anyone's guess as to how the vape pod will take the lead. We are fortunate to see how the industry continues to improve. 

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