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How iKrusher Developed The Best 510 Vape Pen

How iKrusher Developed The Best 510 Vape Pen

The 510 vape pen is one of the most iconic devices on the market. It has led the way for the current vape pen industry to take shape. With innovation and the universal nature of the product being the leading contributors to its success, how did the 510-thread vape pen battery get here?


The 510 Thread Battery Beginnings

The 510-thread battery was one of the first to hit the shelves of your local smoke shop. Back in 2017, these small devices were discrete and could easily be mistaken for a writing pen. Thus, the term "vape pen" became the popular go-to term to describe them. 

At this time, they were developed to showcase what ejuice technology could do. As large box mods with 18650 rechargeable batteries, coils, and everything else going on with vapes at the time, the thought of a small, concealable vape pen caught people's eye. 

It was at this time when ejuice was picking up its momentum, that CBD wax was starting to become one of the most popular forms of the industry ever. It wasn't long after that when someone thought "hey, I can put CBD wax in here." 


Early Vape Pens Needed Upgrades

When the vape pen started to be used for wax and extracts, it became very clear that the vape pen needed some major upgrades to handle the thicker wax. At first, the vape tank was separated from the battery, it would be connected by utilizing a 510 thread. This is where it gets its name. 510 thread technology was utilized with standard box mods of the time  - so it made sense and it still makes sense today. 

From there, replacing the cotton wick was the next step. 

While cotton worked well for ejuice, it couldn't handle the thicker viscosity of CBD extract. The volts required to heat the CBD wax were far higher than what the cotton could handle. The result of a burnt-out cotton wick was a terrible burnt taste and almost your whole tank is full but un-vapable. 

While titanium and glass worked well, they had their drawbacks. Titanium could handle the highest temperatures but didn't provide the best flavor experience. On the other side, glass couldn't handle the highest temperatures and would crack easily, but it also gave the best flavor profiles for your oils. It was settled on the "just-right" material - ceramic. The porous nature of ceramic would help to trap and lock in the flavorful terpene profiles of the CBD oil. 


The 510 Vape Pen Battery Get A Boost Of Power

The 510 vape battery was also eligible for better upgrades. CBD wax required a higher voltage to be vaped. To do that continuously was to make the vape pen battery larger. A larger battery also meant that other technology could be added to it. Thus, a rechargeable port was also added to keep users happy. 

With a ceramic coil now the standard in every 510 vape cartridge, this meant that users could have more versatility in how they vaped. By implementing variable voltage into the 510-thread vape pen, users could choose from three different settings. This would give them the best possible experience for how they want to vape. 

Adding the pre-heat function was the cherry on top. When a standard cartridge would clog, many users would simply sit on the button until the device heated up and the airway was cleared. Unfortunately by holding that button down consistently, the col was experiencing a ton of stress. Far more stress than what it was originally intended to handle. This could crack the coil and cause leaking. 

Implementing pre-heat would clear the airway of clogged wax without pushing the coil to its limits.


How Did iKrusher Lead The Way For The 510 Vape Pen?

iKrusher has always been the leading manufacturer of innovative vaporizer hardware. We have exceeded the industry standard and have created our own - outside the low limits of common vape pen technology. 


Can The 510 Thread Battery Continue To Grow?

As vape pods and disposable vapes catch up to the 510-thread battery and 510-thread cartridge, there is a worry that the standard vape pen will no longer be the most popular device in the industry. It has the potential to be overshadowed by technology that has adapted the same components for an equally enjoyable experience. 

The 510 thread battery needs to stay the course if it wants to remain top dog. One of the biggest reasons why these have become so popular is just how innovative they can be. With the most designs and styles for custom vape orders, these vape pens can remain king by providing designs and layouts that are not as doable for competing devices. 

Box mods with magnetic adapters not only protect the 510-thread cartridge but also heat up more effectively. Battery life is constantly growing and can lead to longer durations and more enjoyable hits. 

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