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How To Build The Best CBD Vape Pen Brand

How To Build The Best CBD Vape Pen Brand

A CBD vape pen branding can be difficult to start. For many small business owners, establishing a new CBD vape pen identity has a number of hurdles to get over before you even start. Upstart fees, marketing, finding the right hardware, and creating your vape pen brand identity are all aspects of starting. Let's take a look at how to build yourself from the bottom to the top! 


CBD Vape Pen History

Since 2018, CBD vape pens have become a dominating new and introspective industry. The medical benefits of CBD have helped thousands make the switch to more effective and healthier forms of pain relief and anti-anxiety implications. 

At the time of its rise to power, the technology for these devices had made the necessary upgrades in technology to help them tackle the challenges of thick vape oil. 

These innovative improvements have helped propel CBD to the top of many vape shops, smoke shops, and - essentially anywhere you can legally purchase CBD! 


What Makes The Best CBD Brand?

Essentially, there is an almost infinite way for brands to reach out to their customers and retailers. For some, it's vape pen packaging, for others, it's the quality of their product, for others, it's the vape hardware. 


Building an Identity 

One of the first things to think about when starting custom vape pens is to give your CBD vape brand an identity. There are two roads that you can choose when thinking about your business.

The first is the traditional method. With crazy cool swirls and phrases directly out of the 60s and 70s - often attributed to the plant's heyday.

The second is considered "health and wellness" branding. This is designed to attract those who are looking for safer alternatives for anxiety, muscle pain, and relaxation. 


Vape Pen Packaging

What is the first thing that customers see when they walk into a smoke shop? Well, it depends on what smoke shop you walk into but most have their line of disposable vapes, 510 thread vape batteries, 510 thread vape cartridges, and vape pod systems.

Each one has its own unique qualities and showcases its product in different ways. While this is a great place to start, a quick walk through your local smoke shop will show that not all vape brands are equal. 

It's best to take a look at what is already on the shelves to see how you can stand out. making your vape pen stand out with crazy colors might attract someone at first glance, but that's superficial. You need meat to add to the potatoes. 

Going white is always safe, but extremely boring. Everyone does it to showcase "health and wellness". Your vape pen can easily get lost in a sea of white and green products that already line vape shop shelves. 


Different Vape Pen Types

There are a number of different vaporizer batteries and devices to choose from. Build something that goes along with your brand. 


510 Thread Cartridges and 510 Thread Batteries

The standard 510 thread battery and 510 thread cartridge are the most trusted among users. Their innovative climb to the top has solidified them as an industry standard that every other device aspires to have. 

This wasn't always the case. When the technology first hit the shelves, they were actually marketed as "disposable vapes". This was because the tank and the pen came packaged together without any ability to separate them. After many complaints of low power and the cotton wick burning out quickly - major improvements were made. 

First, the device was split using 510 threads. This allowed each side to optimize on their own accord. 510 cartridges removed the cotton wick and replaced the component with a ceramic coil. This was due to the high voltage requirements needed to heat the oil as well as provide a long-lasting and flavorful hit. 

Once that was set, making the vape pen battery more powerful was the next improvement. The idea for vape pens is to be small, discrete, and functional. In order to have a more powerful battery, you had to go slightly bigger without jeopardizing the overall concept. A vape cartridge battery was longer lasting and more powerful than ever. With technology continuing to improve, it wasn't long before engineers added more to their custom vape pens. By adding variable voltage, CBD vape pen users could adjust the voltage setting to give them either a more potent hit or a more flavorful hit. 

Overall, the 510 thread vape pen battery and 510 vape cartridge became one of the most popular vaporizers and established the standard that we use today. 


Disposable CBD Vapes

Disposable vapes are currently some of the most popular devices on the market. As we discussed previously, they weren't loved at first. This was simply due to the early disposable vaporizers designed to simply showcase what the technology of the time could do. After the divide into the 510-thread vaporizer line, disposable vapes sat low...until now. 

Disposable vaporizers have taken major strides to improve quality performance. By adopting the same technology that helped propel the 510 thread industry to industry stardom, disposable vapes have taken that and moved further. 

Providing an all-in-one approach to CBD vaping is one of the reasons why these vaporizers have become so popular. 


Vaporizer Pod Systems

Vape pod systems also took all of the technology that made these devices so popular and reformatted them for specific purposes. Vape pod systems function on the exact same spectrum as both disposable and standard 510 thread technologies, but what really sells these devices are the oil manufacturers. 

Many of the most recognizable CBD oil manufacturers were able to top the charts due to utilizing vape pod systems. While anyone and their mother can purchase whichever 510 thread cartridge they can, vape pod systems are specific. For brands that want returning customers - this is a great way to start. The only difference is that you need to really have some of the best CBD oil on the market. 


Custom Vape Pens With iKrusher ODM

iKrusher delivers the best custom vape pen experience with our ODM process. We will help walk you through the entire process from selecting the perfect device for your brand - as well as help customize lettering, graphics, and packaging. Our high-quality vaporizer products will help your brand reach the top of sales throughout the US! 

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