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How To Build The Best Custom Vape Pen

How To Build The Best Custom Vape Pen

The best custom vape pen will help your brand stand out in the sea of everyone else. Since 2018, CBD brands have exploded into the world. With vape pens, edibles, and virtually any other consumable good being implemented into the CBD spectrum - you might be thinking about how to even get your brand to be noticed. Well, we're here to help!


Building The Best Custom Vape Pen Brand

In order to build the best custom vape pen, you need to do some research. Fortunately, we are here to give you a better guideline on how to build your vape pen brand. Vapes come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is developed to operate differently from its competitors. This has led to some really interesting vape pen designs. From magnetic adapting 510 thread batteries to innovative 510 thread vape cartridges and vape pod systems the industry as a whole has so many options to choose from. So where do you get started? 


Choosing Your Vape Pen Style

There are a ton of different styles shapes and functions that vaporizers have. Finding the one that works with your message and ideas takes time and research. 


510 Thread Cartridges

You can't really do too much with the vape cartridges. With glass being the main real estate for branding, there are ways to add your logo! Most custom vape pen brands will allow for laser engraving either on the glass or the metal bottom piece. With a 510-thread vape pen, the idea is to focus on quality and performance as well as the quality of your oils. 

The best 510 vape pen will come standard with a ceramic coil. While there have been times when the industry has dabbled into other materials for their coils, ceramic has been by far the best choice for both quality and flavor performance. 

On top of that, the industry is starting to move away from metal center posts. All ceramic cartridges are starting to take the industry as the new standard. This improves the overall flavor performance of the vape pen. 

While many will choose the vape cartridge due to its universal standing within the industry - most consumers will find your 510 cartridge based on its recognition of the quality of both the hardware and the Delta 8 CBD oil that you put inside of it. 


510 Thread Batteries

The 510-thread battery itself can be marketed in a wide variety of ways. The best 510 thread batteries will have a large rechargeable battery, have variable voltage and preheat settings. 

The 510 battery has undergone some of the most changes in the industry. In fact, it has laid the groundwork for the current vape pen model. 

When they first hit the shelves, they were low-powered and had no features. Essentially they were the first disposable vape pen ( we will get into that later). The reason why these are still the number one best vape pen is that they can be found literally anywhere. 

From gas stations to your local corner store - you can find a vape pen for carts. What propelled them to this notoriety was their technological innovation. The 510 thread vape pen has implemented the most upgrades to stay relevant. In doing so - it has helped propel the other vape pen products to a higher level. 

As we had mentioned, the 510 battery has undergone massive changes. From the introduction of rechargeable vapes to larger battery power and variable voltage, these batteries have innovated so much that everyone else had to adopt their tech in order to keep up. 


Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes have been around for a long time. Even before the 510-thread oil vape pen was introduced, many of these small vape pens were developed to handle ejuice. Ejuice has a much thinner viscosity and at the time, the idea of placing wax into the tank was just an idea. It wasn't until recently that disposable vapes were the best vape pens on the market. 

When CBD oil wax was placed into the tank for the first time there were a few things that needed to be addressed. The first was the cotton wick inside the tank. Most realized that ceramic was the go-to material for the coil. Thus ceramic was introduced. The second was the battery life. Small disposable vape pens needed more voltage power to vape wax effectively. As they were designed for ejuice which required less, they needed to make the battery more powerful. So they gave it more power and added the rechargeable function to the vape battery. 

These devices offer the most real estate for your logos, colors, and any other custom vape pen iconography. With different styles and shapes, you can even get creative and think outside the box when it comes to making a custom vape pen. 

Disposable vape pens are looking to set the next standard for 2023. This is due to their simplicity and ease of use. While many other devices such as 510 thread batteries and cartridges need to be purchased separately, the disposable is a simple in-and-out scenario. 

The two things to look out for when choosing to go with a disposable vape for your custom vape experience are the quality of the components and the quality of your oil. If you have disposables that do not break, leak, clog, or run out of battery life then you have a premium quality disposable vape pen. On top of that, new and emerging technologies are developing to give oil manufacturers the ability to manipulate their voltage curves. This increases the flavor profile and extends the battery life. 


Vape Pod Systems

The vape pod system is one of the best vape pen branding methods. This typically comes at a bit of a cost. 

While technology was developing with 510 thread technology and disposable vape pens, the performance and quality of vape pens were far higher than when they first hit the shelves. A simple stylish vape pen with one voltage setting is all anyone needs to essentially vape their oil. Add in quality CBD oil and the best vape pen components and you have a great product! 

One of the main reasons why this took off was due to the promotional material of vape pens. While at the start they were more expensive. Current technology is cheaper to produce and continues to maintain the high quality necessary to vape CBD oil in the best way possible. 

If you hand out the vape battery for free then customers will search out your product in their local stores. By giving customers half of the equation, they can easily find the pods in a simple one-stop purchase. 

The downside of vape pod systems is that for a while, everyone was doing it. While this was cool, most people had like 5 vape pen batteries in their collection and maybe only one is still around with their vape pods on the shelf. 


Choosing Your Custom Vape Pen Image

Your brand is an extension of you! Well, at least in regards to how you use CBD oil. Some people like images that are clean and healthy-minded or you could take the creative route. Either way, you need something that stands out among the sea of all the other products and competitors. 


Health And Wellness Branding

 Since CBD oil first became legal, the focus was on wellness. CBD can help with a wide variety of ailments. From anxiety to pain relief, the benefits of CBD are still being studied and utilized in the methods.

What better way to showcase your product is health-focused than to brand your packaging and pen in a white/green color scheme? 

White: Clean and sterile. Most are related to hospitals and health products. 

Green: Healthy and vibrant green is a staple color in the industry. 


Doing Something Different

While it may seem like following the herd is one of the best options, you will find that if you choose this route, you may need to do something different. What's the point of having a cool package or vape pen if it gets lost in a sea of similarities?

Choosing a more natural color scheme might be the way to go. If you want to go with white, try something off-white or matte. If you want to go for green then stay away from the bright green hues and go for a more natural looking green. 

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