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How To Choose The Best Disposable Vape For Live Resin

How To Choose The Best Disposable Vape For Live Resin

Live resin is popular among disposable vape users. The TC Series and OMNI Smart System settings are designed for multiple concentrates. Combining this technology with our TC disposable vapes allows oil manufacturers to choose the best vape settings for their disposables. With such a wide assortment of extracts, every vape pen needs to be set up differently. 


What Is Live Resin?

Live Resin is one of the most popular forms of extracts. The process utilizes fresh buds instead of dried and cured buds. This form of extraction is meant to preserve the terpene profile of the wax. Live resin also requires a lower heating temperature than most oils. 

The process is simple. The raw plant material is "flash frozen".  From there, the plant is then mixed with a solvent (BHO) and pressed. The end result is live resin. 


What Makes Live Resin So Popular?

Live resin generally contains a higher potency. With a more pronounced terpene profile, the combination of higher terpenes and a more potent blend creates a higher effect. On top of that, the extra terpenes produce a much more profound flavor profile. 

Combining this with improved flavor technology and you can really get a burst of flavorful terps. 


What Are The Best Disposable Vapes For Live Resin?

The best disposable vapes for live resin are developed by iKrusher vape pen technology. Over the past few years, disposable vaporizer technology has advanced its pursuit of the top spot in vape pen hardware. Now, more and more technological improvements are being placed into smaller (yet more efficient) vape pens. 

While disposable vapes have an uphill climb throughout their starting stages, they have adapted far faster than other devices. Leak-proof tanks, powerful batteries, and high-quality ceramic coils all make these devices the go-to for oil manufacturers. Providing your oil in an all-in-one experience. By providing everything your customers want, you ensure they keep coming back for their favorite live resin. 


The iKrusher TC Series and OMNI Smart System

So the simple disposable vape has had major upgrades over the years, leak-proof technology, ceramic coils, rechargeable ports, and larger batteries have all brought the once down-and-out disposable vape to the forefront of what we can do. 

The next stage in vaporizer hardware is allowing oil manufacturers to create the perfect settings for their oils. The OMNI Smart System and iKrusher TC Series are the right solution and answer the question "Where does disposable vape hardware go next?


What Is The OMNI?

The OMNI Smart System and OMNI app help you control the overall voltage curve, preheat settings, and much more all from your phone. 


What Is A Voltage Curve?

Here comes the science! 

The voltage curve is the amount of energy your vaporizer uses every time the device is activated. Many standard 510-thread batteries have variable voltage options. Most of them require a certain number of clicks and the voltage curve will be adjusted anywhere between 2.9 - 4.3 volts. This is the general "median" for vape cartridges to operate at the best possible output. 

Now, there is a difference between the voltage and the level of heat that your cartridge or tank experiences whenever you heat it up. Let's say that your vape pen is set to 3.4 volts. Every time you hit the button or inhale, your vaporizer is staying consistently at 3.4 volts. The temperature has not yet gone back down to zero before you have taken your second hit. This means that the temperature far exceeds the normal voltage limit that your vape pen was set to. 

With The OMNI Smart System, you can now set the voltage curve to lower over an 8-second time interval. Less energy will be directed to the coil adjacent to the heat. This cuts down on the stress of the coil, improves flavor output, and uses far less energy than standard disposable vapes. 


The iKrusher TC Series

The iKrusher TC series is the next stage in disposable vape pen hardware. By connecting these devices to the OMNI Smart System, you will be able to control almost every aspect of your vape in order to produce the best vape pen results. 


The Nord TC

The Nord TC is built from the same concept as the regular Nord. We designed this to be a flagship of customizable vape pen hardware. The original Nord had your choice of either a ceramic or titanium center post. On top of that, Nord utilized our patented "iKonic" coil and a pure ceramic coil. Each one is tailored to your oil's specific needs. 

Now, technology is innovating to the next stage in customer satisfaction. The iKrusher TC Series and OMNI Smart System allow the oil manufacturer to set the perfect voltage curve. Not only do you have a wide selection of hardware components, but you can now add the voltage curve for the next step in disposable vape pen performance. 


The Uzo TC

The Uzo was another fan favorite of iKrusher disposable vapes. The really cool feature of this device is its size. While technology is pushing out more and more features, it is also simultaneously trying to go smaller. The Uzo's popularity comes from its "smaller-than-a-lighter" size. Don't let it fool you though, it still packs more than enough power to finish the cart. We also added a rechargeable quality to the Uzo TC.

The Uzo TC has all the qualities that the OMNI system provides, along with its discrete and compact size. With added safety controls (a button at the bottom of the device) you can make sure nobody but you has access to your live resin. This ensures the Uzo TC is one of the best disposable vapes for live resin.


The Tik Pro Mini

The Tik Pro is our coolest device. It was once a flagship that introduced rechargeable components to our batteries. With a 0.5 mg tank and iKrushers patented "iKonic" coil, this device can be taken anywhere. Its size fits perfectly into anyone's pocket and allowed for simple, odorless, and discrete vaping. 

The Tik Pro Mini went even smaller. Although the battery isn't as large as the original Tik Pro, having a rechargeable component helps make up for the still potent 280 mAh battery. On top of that, no more energy is really necessary for a 0.5 mL tank. We have optimized this vape pen battery's performance to the fullest. 

Add the OMNI Smart System in the mix and you have one of the best disposable vape pens for live resin on the market. 


The Future Of Live Resin Vapes

Disposable vapes are now becoming one of the hottest new devices on the market. The fully customizable efforts being implemented into small discrete batteries are a testament to how this technology can evolve. With more extraction methods becoming the norm, disposable vape pen hardware has to keep up. Why not be ahead of the game with iKrusher products?

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