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How To Clean Your Vaporizer

How To Clean Your Vaporizer

Cleaning your vaporizer is not a hard task! With technical innovations making it easier than it ever was, the process has simplified since the start. On top of cleaning your products, it is still miles ahead of cleaning traditional rigs and bangers.

Since the dawn of glassware, there have been multiple ways to clean your waterpipe or hand pipe. From saltwater to using citrus-based cleaning solutions the process required time which often meant that you had to wait until things were ready until you could use your favorite piece again. 

With the level of resin that some would accumulate through heavy use, this meant that you had to wait sometimes up to a day or two before the piece was unclogged. You could speed up the process with a pipe cleaner, but oftentimes that bowl would continue to be neglected. After time and multiple attempts, it became very clear that it may be a better option to go to your local smoke shop and simply pick up a new one. 


Cleaning Hardware Became Easier

When dabs and dab rigs first came onto the scene, this new form provided a relatively easier way to clean your hardware. With smaller ( yet more intricate) glassware being produced to optimize the experience, many found that if they did not heat up their banger hot enough (or waited too long after the cool-down process) they would be left with a build-up of reclaim left inside the rig. 

While this happened at a more frequent rate (depending on how often the user would partake) the process of cleaning became faster and easier. On top of that, a user could re-use the leftover concentrate (albeit with a lower potency)

For nectar collectors, having a silicone dab mat ready was perfect. All they had to do was use their torch and move it up and down the straw until the reclaim leaked out onto the mat - once again ready to use. 

This was much easier due to the nature of the nectar collector being such a simple device. With dab rigs, the process required a little more effort (but not much). 

A full-scale dab rig would require an all-around heat that would hit every part of the glassware. While bangers and nectar collectors were made entirely out of quartz glass, the actual rig itself is not typically made of these components. If you were to use a torch, you have the potential to crack your beloved piece. 

The best trick for us has been to pre-heat your oven to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, once it has reached that temperature, stick your rig in a way that will sit in one of the grates. Place a large silicone mat underneath and close the door. Wait for approximately 10-minutes and then open your oven to see that almost all of the concentrate is cleaned out of the rig and onto the mat for another round of use. 


How To Clean A Vaporizer

Cleaning a vaporizer is way easier than it has ever been. From the early days of salt and warm water to using your oven to slow-roast your rig, vaporizer technology has grown to accommodate a simple and fast solution. 

While things can get sticky, using rubbing alcohol and q-tips are now the industry standard for cleaning a vaporizer. Many vaporizers have atomizers or induction cups that you can easily remove and swab down after every use. 

**As a quick safety step, make sure the atomizers or induction cups have cooled down prior to touching them with your hand**

While those vaporizers have simple methods, there are other vaporizers out there that are more simple or difficult (depending on how you look at it). For starters, a 510 thread cartridge and 510 thread battery can be fixed pretty easily. 

If you have ever found yourself trying to hit your cartridge and nothing happens except a white blinking light, then you may need to check if there is any debris between the heating element of the pen and the thread of the cartridge. More times than not, there is simply some concentrate stuck in between. Simply take some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip and wipe the bottom of the cartridge as well as the inside of the 510 thread of the pen.

A dry herb vaporizer presents not too many challenges for cleaning. Typically there is a built-in chamber that allows for quickly loading your device as well as cleaning it out. When you are done with your session, simply empty the remnants of the dry herb from your vaporizer and use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to swab out the chamber. 

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