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How To Dab Using A Vape

How To Dab Using A Vape

A vape can be a great asset in your collection. For many beginners, knowing which kind of vape to choose and how to set it up properly can be a challenge. That is why we have put this helpful guide together to give you the best hit on your first try! 

One of the first things to look for is voltage settings and battery life. 


Voltage Settings

Most modern vaporizers have multiple voltage settings to better provide a more customizable experience. When vapes first hit the market there wasn't much adjustability. This is due to innovation not quite hitting its apex. Today, almost every vape has a multiple voltage setting in order to give you the exact hit that you are looking for. 

Most vapes utilize the following voltage settings:

  • Green: 3.0v
  • Blue: 3.6v
  • Red: 4.2v


This provides a beginner user a solid foundation as to what to look for in order to maximize their hit. 

Selecting your Vape

There are tons of products out there. When you walk into your local vape shop for the first time, the process can seem daunting. You look around at all the glassware, pipes, accessories, and paraphernalia until you get to something that looks like it might be right for you. 

For someone starting out, having something small and simple is the best bet. At iKrusher, we have a wide selection of concentrate vapes that you can choose from. 

A good rule of thumb for the beginner vaper is to go with something that is easy to load, easy to clean, and can give you what you are looking for with a few simple clicks. 

One of the best vapes for someone just starting out is the iKrusher Ares.

With a simple and discreet design, the Ares packs together everything you will need to start out. A 650 mAh battery that has plenty of power for high voltage dabbing, a simple loading cup, and multiple voltage settings that can ensure your enjoyment. 

For those with experience in vaping, you can take things one step further. 


Vapes With More To Offer

While having a basic pen with interchangeable voltage variables is a good start, there are plenty of vapes out on the market for those looking for a fully customizable experience. This is why iKrusher technology provides everything someone needs for the perfect vape experience. 


Let's take a look at the iKrusher Alpha

The Alpha is one of the most innovative vapes on the market. It not only provides the best output of power, speed and versatility, but it also provides all the accessories needed for the perfect session. 

Here is what you get with the Alpha:


The Alpha is by far the most advanced vape that can handle whatever you throw at it. One of the best features of it is the induction cups. While many other vaporizers have heating atomizers, the Alpha utilizes induction cup technology. This means that nothing can burn out or short. Simply load up your concentrate or dry herb and you are good to go!

Simply turn the Alpha on, set it to the temperature that you want then press the bis circular button. From there wait until the device heats up. When it is ready, drop your concentrate in and put the carb cap over the induction cup, and inhale! Easy as that!


The Quest

The Quest has the perfect combination of portability and function. The QUEST fits a water filter and a temperature-controlled heater in the palm of your hand for the best dabbing experience on the go. Simply use the convenient flip outdoor and the LCD screen to set and start your dabbing sessions on the go to consistently vaporize concentrates at the exact temperature you prefer. A sleek design with the capability to interchange or renew the heater at any time, the QUEST brings vaporizing to the next level.

If you want to take a dab using the Quest, the process is extremely simple. Just drop the concentrate into the atomizer by opening the tactical slide at the bottom. Once you have placed the concentrate inside the atomizer, close the slide, turn on the device and hold the power button until it heats up. Once it is ready, simply inhale!

How To Take A Dab

Traditional methods of dabbing have always been the following:


First, you would attach the banger to your water pipe, then, using the torch, you would heat the banger until it was glowing red. From there you wait a few seconds for cooldown time, and you would use your loading tool to drop your concentrate into the banger. Once you have it loaded it will start to melt, that is when you take your carb cap and place it on top of the banger to increase airflow. 

That was pretty complicated. With electronic vaporizers, there is no need for butane-powered torches or waiting for a cool-down time. A vaporizer is supposed to be set once, turned on, and set to heat up whenever you want it. Thus removing virtually all of the prep work. 

On top of that, instead of using "guestimation", a modern vaporizer can be set to the perfect temperature and heating settings every time. No more guessing if your banger is too hot or too cold only to guess wrong. 

Taking a dab isn't rocket science (although there is some prep work that needs to go into it). With electronic vapes and vaporizers, there is no longer the need for doing the math in your head. We have done that for you!

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