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How To Find The Best Vape Pen For Your Oil

How To Find The Best Vape Pen For Your Oil

In order to choose the right vape pen for your oils, there are a number of factors that you need to look through in order to find the best results.

  • Vape Pen Battery Life
  • Tank/ Cartridge Size
  • Coil Material
  • Charging Capabilities


Many oil manufacturers want a reliable vape pen that won't cause issues for their consumers. This has led to a "space race" in vape pen technology development. At the start of the industry shift, these vape pens weren't the feature that they are today. In fact, they were developed for a totally different purpose. 

Since its inception, the main goal was to showcase the innovative technology and how far it can go to deliver the best vape pen performance. 

From replacing the cotton wick with more durable ceramic technology to adding charging ports and more power for vape pen batteries, the industry is making massive changes. Each vape pen manufacturer is looking for the next big upgrade in order to increase their vape pens performance. 


Vape Pen Batteries: What To Look For

When disposable vapes first hit the scene, it was a great way to showcase what could be done in new and emerging markets. While they were originally developed for ejuice, many took it upon themselves to look at how they could combine this technology with the new wax craze that was overtaking many smoke shops across America. 

At the time, the vape pen batteries were short of power It didn't require as much to vape ejuice as it did a thicker wax. Thus more power needed to be added to the battery in order for it to perform its main function. 

Batteries had a measly 180 mAh of power at the time. A few hits of wax from one of those would burn the battery out before you could finish what was in your tank. That was one of the first major vape pen upgrades to hit the market. 

Today, vape pen batteries come in a wide arrangement of battery-size options. Ranging anywhere between 210 mAh - 380 mAh and more, these vape pen batteries are more than capable of consistently hitting wax whenever and wherever you are. 

On top of that, most vape pen batteries come with a variable voltage option. A few clicks of the battery can change the overall voltage settings to provide a harder, heavy hit, a nice middle-ground hit, or a small flavorful hit. If you are an oil manufacturer and you are looking to put your hand in the game, you need to make sure your battery has a larger mAh, variable voltage, and is rechargeable - to also save you some time - the industry is shifting towards Type- C charging ports in order to keep up with current lithium-ion vape pen battery trends. 


Let's Take A Look At Why iKrusher Has The Best Vape Battery Performance

Some of our highest-selling vape pens have been the ones to influence a lot of the market. The Vfire pro battery was one of the first to hit the market with a rechargeable port. In fact, most of iKrusher's vape pen battery lines were some of the first to include a recharging feature! 

510 thread batteries were some of the first to introduce these major features. With the S1 510 thread battery, we were able to increase the battery performance and include a rechargeable feature as well as variable voltage. This was later improved by providing more power in the S2 510 thread battery. 

For pod systems, we integrated the same rechargeable functions as the 510 thread batteries but kept the niche design for oil manufacturers. While other oil manufacturers were losing money at rapid rates to the poor battery quality of the time, they no longer need to worry about that thanks to the best vape pen innovation. 

You can browse our entire category of vape pen batteries and find the right one for you!


510 Thread Batteries and 510 Thread Cartridges: Universal

The 510 thread battery and 510 thread cartridge are some of the most common devices on the market. It was the first vape pen to separate the tank from the battery in order to improve the innovative qualities of each one. We already discussed how vape pen batteries innovated, but let's talk about the 510 thread cartridge. 

510 thread cartridges have become the "universal standard" within the vape pen industry. When they started, the wick was designed for cotton. Again, these devices were developed for ejuice. In order to use them for oil, they needed to innovate. The best 510 thread cartridges now contain a ceramic coil. This is due to the high durability and great flavor profile that comes from hitting one! It wasn't always the case, as the cotton wick from older cartridges would short out due to the high voltage required to vape wax.

iKrusher offers a fantastic range of high-quality 510 thread cartridges. Each contains our patented "iKonic" ceramic coil or a 100% pure ceramic coil. The industry is currently shifting away from any trace metals so developing an all-ceramic cartridge is where we need to go!  

The 510 thread cartridge and 510 thread battery are the most universal vape pen components on the market. At least everyone who uses one has multiple 510 batteries laying around as well as a number of empty cartridges. Every smoke shop sells these batteries and a cartridge can be purchased at any legal shop. The ability to find one of these is near infinite. 


Vape Pods: Finding Your Niche

Vape pods have been one of the biggest shifts in the industry. While the universal nature of 510 thread cartridges and batteries has been widely used, the industry took a different direction. 

Vape pods are the best way for oil manufacturers to obtain returning customers. This is in part due to the "niche" aspect of vape pods. A vape pod is specifically designed for a parallel battery. This means that in order for a customer to use your oil, they need to have the battery and pod together. 

For many famous oil brands, giving out the vape pen battery as a form of promotion has helped to propel them to the top. By giving them out as promotional pieces, more and more customers have the option to purchase the pod. Now, if you are new or you haven't yet met the required popularity of your oil, then this might steer people away, but if your oil is famous and great, then a vape pod will be the perfect source! 

The vape pod takes all of the innovative vape technology that went into the cartridge and put it into a specific shape that only your oil can be filled with! 


Disposable Vape Pens: The Future Hardware

Disposable vape pens started off poorly. Back in 2016, they were small and discrete, but as we mentioned earlier, they didn't back the technological innovation that we have today. 

While 510 thread cartridges were dominating their industry, and vape pod systems were throwing themselves into the ring, the simple disposable vape was losing big time. That was until it started to improve its technology. By adapting to the current vape pen technology, they were able to remove major components like cotton wicks and use the ceramic technology that we see. This has created the best disposable vapes on the market.

On top of that, the battery life was improved and rechargeable features were added. While this was great and helped propel the device back into the spotlight, it still couldn't handle ALL of the technical upgrades as its competitors. 

This was an issue...until now. Disposable vape pens have new technology being added to them. This is different than traditional vape pens due to the oil manufacturer being able to control the voltage curve. This cuts down on the stress of the coil and saves battery life for far longer than traditional methods. If you are looking for an all-in-one approach to your oil, then the disposable vape is the best way to go! 

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