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How To Make The Switch To Vaping

How To Make The Switch To Vaping

Making the switch to vaping is one of the hottest trends over the past few years. With e-cigarettes becoming wildly popular, many are not only weening themselves off of tobacco products but in the CBD industry, vaporizers provide a more customizable and precise experience for the user. 

For those of you who still use a butane torch, a banger, and a rig, the quality of your hit is going to fluctuate drastically. This is due to a lot of guesswork that comes with the traditional methods. Sure you can set up a timer for the heat up/cool down times, but that still gives you less control than what conventional vaporizer technology will provide. 


Traditional Dabbing Requires More Accessories And Guess Work

As we have mentioned above, the process of dabbing utilizing traditional methods can be frustrating for newer users. Unless you are looking into building some wack-a-doodle monster-rig, you don't need to go that in-depth when making your selections at your local smoke shop. 

Purchasing a small (yet moderate quality) dab rig plus a banger, carb cap, torch, and butane, you aren't walking out of that store without having $250-$300 dollars out of your pocket. This isn't to say you can't find deals, and with some cheaper products you can have a great time, but if you are looking for the same high-end quality that many modern vaporizers have, you need to spend the big bucks. Sometimes you can even spend more than what an electronic vaporizer is worth. 

On top of using an e-rig, there are electric nail heaters called "e-nails" that you can hook up to your rig. This is another additional cost that can up your budget an extra $100-$150 dollars. 

So, you've spent all that money and set yourself up with a pretty sweet rig. You are still left guessing how hot your banger is. On top of that, you still have the issue of storing cans of butane and an igniter torch in your house. While it's not THAT big of a deal, most homes have a specific place for storing them. As we have seen in our lives is that many places of living do not exactly adhere to this. Cans of butane are left wherever they were last placed. Not a good idea. 


Making The Switch To Vaping Provides So Much More

Vaping has come a long way since its initial breach into the industry. When it started, it had just enough potential to help surpass the original methods of taking a dab. Since then, it has made its point of becoming the new form that everyone and their grandmother is ready to try. For the experienced user, they have the option of utilizing a more effective technology. For those who are just starting out, it also provides a more user-friendly approach. No more butane torches, burning yourself, or even wildly guessing at how hot your banger is. 

Not only does vaping give you these options, but full control of the temperatures and hit times means you can choose to vape lower for a better flavor/ terp profile or higher for a full blast-off effect. 

Innovative vaping technology simply provides a much more enjoyable experience for users without the need for expensive (and highly breakable) glassware. Many vaporizer packages also come with a wide range of accessories simply included in what you buy. No more purchasing everything separately with the forethought that you are going to be spending over $500 dollars for the best setup. Technology is always on the precipice of providing you with more for less. 


Vaping Is Accurate 

Vaping provides the most effective way to take your dabs. This is because of the technology behind it. Battery operation and temperature control take the main stage when it comes to the best experience. 

With these two innovations, users can now enjoy their products without plugging into a wall or using flammable gases. It also allows them to set the perfect temperature for them. While some might like to vape their concentrates at a higher temperature, others might like to do the opposite. Vaporizer technology contains many presets that users can switch through in order to match everyone's specific needs! 


Vaping Is Affordable

With technology advancing, the hottest new product will lose its value next to more innovative technologies over time. What would start out as the hottest new device may only be that for a short period of time. The quality is still there, but the industry ensures that the innovation will only be as top-of-the-line until the next product hits the shelves.

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