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How To Vape Wax

How To Vape Wax

Wax is one of the most common forms of inhaling CBD. While there are so many different forms due to different extraction methods, the principle act of taking a dab remains the same. 

While you may be new to vaporizing, let's go through the traditional methods for using wax.

Traditional Ways To Vape Wax

Back in the day, we found out that extracting CBD from the leaves made for more potent effects. Once a refined form was obtained, the industry made a shift away from regular dry herb to concentrates and wax. 

On top of that, avid users would dedicate themselves to building the best wax rigs to give them the most optimal performance. 

What this included:

Rig: Wax rigs are typically smaller than their dry herb counterpart; and while smaller, they still maintained a balance of size and filtration in order to optimize the effects. The typical wax rig would have a number of different percolators built into the device in order to create a smoother more efficient hit. 

Banger/ Nail: This is the accessory that you would heat up and drop your wax in. While dry herb glassware typically used what was commonly known as a "bowl", you would fill the bowl with your dry herb first and then use a lighter to burn it and then inhale. 

a banger is heated up first using a butane torch. It can be made using ceramic, titanium, or quartz glass. Once it reaches the appropriate temperature, a user can drop their wax into the heated cup and then inhale. 

Carb Cap: After the user has placed their wax into the heated, cup airflow and heat retention need to be applied. This is where the carb cap comes in handy. It limits the airflow in order to ensure that all of the wax is evaporated while keeping the banger or nail consistently heated. 

This was the start of dabbing. 

Innovations For Wax Dabbing

While the start pushed the industry into new worlds, so did the technological side. For some, having a can of butane and a torch felt unsafe to have sitting in the house. On top of that, the guesswork that would go into figuring out if your banger is too hot or too cold worked against beginners when they were trying to figure it out. 

While this was happening, electric innovations created titanium e-nails that you could attach your titanium banger on one end, and the other was attached to a large heating element that could be plugged into the wall. There were adjustable heat settings that would heat the attachment and provide the perfect temperature for a user's wax experience. 

While this helped set the stage for even further technological vape-ware innovation, it was still a large, bulky accessory to have to lay around. Not to mention that having a long wire attached to a glass rig (even if it is a low-end rig) is a recipe for disaster. 

Another factor to note was the invention of small portable dab rigs that users could take anywhere. These didn't have as many features as a rig with an e-nail attached to it, but they still provided enough power to vape dabs for a considerable amount of time. With only a few adjustable heat settings, these devices, albeit innovative, left a lot to be desired in the industry. 

Wax Vaping Sees The Future

With innovations continuing to expand the horizons within the industry, we have reached a point now where we have smaller, equally powerful wax vaporizers that come in an all-in-one package. 

No more needing to buy all of these expensive parts separately and including the best possible extensions for advancement has led to some truly innovative designs. 

"Cold starting" has also been one of the more popular trends for using traditional rigs. 

Innovation In 2022

We have created vaporizer hardware that provides long-lasting battery life, with powerful heating elements that can continuously handle heat dispersion. 

3000-6000 mAh batteries are fitting into smaller and smaller rigs to make dabbing experiences more portable. Tabletop vaporizers are becoming smaller and less for the "table-top" and more for traveling and bringing to events. 

On top of these powerful changes, stronger glass filtration systems are being developed in order to ensure vaporizer quality remains intact without sacrificing anything. 

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