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How Vaping Is Becoming The New "Norm"

How Vaping Is Becoming The New "Norm"

Vaping is currently taking a big chunk out of the industry. With so many innovative products, many have made the switch from smoking in order to have a more enjoyable experience for themselves, and the people around them. While smoking still dominates the industry, there are many pros and cons to each. This is starting to create a new industry shift for consumers who want to get more out of their experience. 


Vaping in 2022

While the industry is still creating headway, there have been some hiccups. The first was in 2018-19 when reports of lung infections from vaporizers started making headlines. While this was a legitimate issue that scared users and created an entire ban of vaporizers in many states, the issue was never from legal brands. Most of these reports came from either knock-off black market companies or people learning how to make the product without any safety regulators. 

After everything was said and done and the industry took a massive hit nationwide, the shift to a more consumer-friendly and safer appeal became the focus for many legal vaporizer brands. This helped the industry bounce back and elevated the vaporizer industry to a higher level than it has ever been. 

In 2022, the vape industry has taken a big percentage of the overall market. 22% of the industry is now focused on the vaporizer market. With tons of new and innovative products to try, the appeal is definitely there. 


Vaping Pro's

Vaping has a number of benefits as opposed to the traditional methods of just smoking. 

Higher Flavor Profile: There has been an uptick in scientific development since the start of "dabbing" and the dawn of the vaporizer industry. With dry herb vapes, the use of conduction and convection has led to many users tweaking their systems in order to obtain the most effective experience for their personal use. 

The discovery of terpene profiles has not been a stranger to the industry but obtaining the most optimal output from simply smoking almost completely ruins that. utilizing a vaporizer provides the user with the ability to adjust their setting in order to receive the best flavor output. 

Temperature Control: Gone are the days of heating up a banger with a butane torch and guessing when the temperature is right to take your dab. Having the perfect setting for your consumption means that you have the perfect hit each time. No more using your phone stopwatch app in order to time things perfectly. 

Overall Effectiveness: When you smoke dry herb, you are simply burning everything to get what you need. You can even get multiple sessions out of one bowl pack. On the other side of the spectrum, using a vape means there is still a byproduct that you can use. The remaining plant material can be taken out of the device and used for edibles or tea. 

Vaping is Better For Your Health: Since you are not inhaling burnt material, the carcinogens and tar buildup is non-existent. Vaping is just that - VAPOR

No Smell: Vaping doesn't burn anything. Which leaves little odor to cling to clothes or furniture. It doesn't stink up the house. Similar to smoking cigarettes, the dispersed odors can make any home feel unpleasant. Vaping is discreet and allows users to consume anywhere without any fuss. 


Cons To Vaping

While the industry has made it clear that people love to vape, it has also presented more challenges in some departments. While the benefits of vaping far outweigh the cons, let's take a look at how vaping products can turn people away. 

Technology Is Confusing: When you go from the traditional methods of consuming CBD to the new and improved format, there is going to be a learning curve. Using vaporizer devices with a number of different settings can seem like a much more difficult way to vape than it would be to simply roll a joint. Turning the device on, going through the customizable options, and continuing to adjust them in order to find the perfect harmony for yourself can be more trouble than it's worth. Especially when all you want to do is relax. 

Charging Issues: There are specific ways to charge your vaporizer. Many people do not understand this until it's too late. They will often leave their device plugged in overnight (which can cause massive strains on the battery) or not use the right charging block (avoid using Samsung lightning chargers). On top of learning how to properly use your device, you need to learn how to properly charge it as well. 

Expensive: Cost is what throws many off - especially at the smoke shop. Some devices can run a staggering $500. That is more than a high-end craftsman-made bong plus the accessories. If you want to go the other route and simply purchase a 510 thread with a cartridge, your first time will still run you close to $80. Now there is a benefit to that, once you purchase the pen, then the cartridge only adds an extra $40 (approximately) when you need to re-up. But if you lose your pen or do not charge it correctly, then you will be spending much more at the store each time. 


So Why Is Vaping Taking Over?

To put it simply, people will spend the money and take the time to understand the process of achieving the perfect hit. For medical patients, this is the most important factor. Like anything else, spending the extra dollars to have a high-quality product and taking the time to learn how that product works is why so many are making the switch from traditional methods. 

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