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Join iKrusher At Imperious Expo June 17th-18th

ikrusher at Imperious Expo

In 2020, Arizona voted "yes" to Proposition 207 which would allow for adult recreational use of cannabis. While other states had long since passed their own legalization endeavors, the state of Arizona was one of the fastest to establish shops, technology, and farming. 

It hasn't been long since that happened, and in the first year of having fully legalized recreational cannabis, Arizona pot shops earned a whopping $1.3 billion dollars in recreational sales. Of that money, $193 million dollars were collected from state tax and was dispersed to help public schools. 

While states like Vermont and Massachusetts were slow to start enabling citizens to obtain their own independent licenses for sales and distribution, the state of Arizona spent little to no time making sure the process didn't get bogged down in a sea of bureaucracy. 

In just one year, the industry boomed. Innovation, technology, farming, and jobs were created and an entirely new, legal industry was born. 

With such an influx of independent businesses, the thought of exposition events is always right behind. 


Enter Imperious Expo

Founded by Eric Norton - a licensed chemical dependency counselor, he witnessed a system that worked against the betterment of those who found their way into addiction. A few years later, the issues of personal health came around to family. With a family member diagnosed with a disease that could be treated with the help of medical cannabis, Eric witnessed firsthand the inequity of dismissing common-sense policies. 


In 2015 The Idea Is Planted

Eric took to Tyler Texas in order to speak about the medical benefits of cannabis use. What started as a call to action soon picked up momentum and developed into a network of business owners, medical professionals, and industry leaders. From there, the idea of bringing everyone together was pushed further by a "to the T" business plan for b2b businesses and industry experts. 

With over 40,000 people taking part in the event, this is one of the largest growing expos in the Southwest United States. 

iKrusher Will Be There Showcasing The Most Innovative Vaping products 

With such an established exposition, iKrusher sought to take part in one of the best events in the cannabis industry. We take pride in our innovations for new and experienced vaping products and we value the integrity of what Eric Norton has created. 


Innovative Technology For 2022

Our engineers have developed innovative technology in vaporizer hardware and we want to share that with the public as well as B2B wholesalers. We have a number of new advancements that we will be unveiling only at Imperious. 


What Will We Showcase? 

We have developed smart OMNI technology that lets cartridge fillers who use our vaporizers. This allows the user to set specific settings that incorporate every aspect of a premium vaping experience. 

The Omni is a new addition to iKrusher which allows our customers to optimize their vaporizer performance and experience. The OMNI acts as a hub that allows the developer to achieve dynamic voltage/temperature control for their entire vaporizer line. If you are looking for a more flavorful hit or a high temp for thicker concentrates, you can adjust virtually every aspect of the performance of the vaporizer to fit your needs! On top of that, by using the app, you can set multiple customizable settings and share vaporizer data across the OMNI platform.


The iKrusher Akimbo 

The Akimbo dual heating vaporizer is one of the most technologically advanced pieces of vaporizer hardware on the market. With so many features and easy-to-use functionality, this is the first step for the industry to make the move towards portable and high-performing technologies. 

What makes this device so cool is that it allows for easy vaping for both dry herb and concentrates. Now, there are already other vaporizers out there on the market, but there are a number of reasons why the Akimbo reigns supreme. Let's go through why this guy takes the throne. 

Battery Life - Many dual vaporizers say that they can do both dry herb and concentrate, but are they great at it? No, from experience, many of them have to sacrifice functionality to have both. In that space, you may just want to purchase a device that is specifically meant for one, then purchase a device that is specifically meant for the other. Now you have to carry around two different vapes just to do the same thing. The Akimbo has a whopping 2600 mAh battery that allows for high functionality and high temperatures so you won't be running out of power anytime soon. 

Combustion and Convection Heating - Not only does the Akimbo allow for both concentrates and dry herb, but you can set it to vaporize both if required, or you can set both to burn (which we sort of recommend). In truth, the ability to use these functions however way you want is what makes this device a full-fledged swiss army knife for dabs and dry herb. 

Water Filtration - We know that even in the vaping atmosphere, users want a smooth clean hit when they take a drag. This is why we designed the Akimbo with multiple mouthpieces including a water filtration system. Simply add some water, and stick it on top and you're good to go! 

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