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Join iKrusher At CannaCon Detroit, Michigan 7/22 - 7/23

Cannacon Detroit

CannaCon says it all. A convention built entirely around the cannabis industry! With multiple stops throughout the country, CannaCon is becoming one of the most prolific conventions within the industry. 


Why Michigan?

Detroit and the state of Michigan itself have a vast history of economic growth. Ever heard the phrase "Motor City"? This is the birthplace of the automotive industry. After decades of downturn within the industry (thanks to automation and development) Michigan found that it needed to be a leader in a more sustainable and lucrative industry - the Cannabis/Hemp/CBD Industry. 


The Hemp Industry

Michigan is a fairly large state. The total land area for farmland and agriculture is approximately 10 million acres and is home to 47,600 farms. Now, not every farm is going to move from their normal production over to hemp, but the state leaves open the possibility for a new industrial approach to cultivating hemp. Hemp production is known to be a more cost-effective and faster turnaround material that could eventually replace more wasteful household products. 

With so much land dedicated to agriculture, the state is finding that a model industry can be a lucrative one for farmers as well as the industry as a whole. 


The Hemp Industry

In 2018, the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act was passed, legalizing recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21.

Since then, the state has been active in establishing common-sense policies and working to develop a new and emerging industry. With so many opportunities, the Detroit CannaCon is looking to provide a large showcase including every aspect of the industry. 

The current common-sense landscape is still limiting for overall expansion. While the West Coast (including Arizona and New Mexico) are completely legal and free for transporting from end to end, places in the Midwest are limited by the legal borders of their surrounding states. With the exception of Illinois, the state of Michigan borders a heavily anti-reform Wisconsin and Indiana along with a lagging medical program in Ohio. 

This means that the only friendly state within the surrounding area in Illinois. Both of these states are looking to rapidly advance their programs in order to catch up with the states that have passed these policies far before them. 


Innovation Takes The Midwest

While there are some roadblocks in terms of the landscape of the industry in and around Michigan, that has not stopped the technological innovations that have developed within a short time due to policy change. 

Vaporizer technology moves alongside the growing legal landscape. With so many ventures and options to choose from, it's important that technological innovators find a place to showcase their efforts and grow their businesses to the next level. This is why you will see iKrusher lighting up the line at this year's CannaCon. 

Our Products will be demonstrated in full force!


iKrusher Vaporizer Technology

iKrusher is one of the leading technological innovators in the vape industry. We have a wide selection of products to choose from ranging from tabletop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, disposable vaporizers (for wholesale and ODM), 510 thread cartridges, batteries, and pod systems


The Alpha

The Alpha is tested and developed by iKrusher engineers with a passion for both innovation and vaping, the Alpha is the premier vaping device that accommodates all methods of inhalation. While most other vaporizers can be confusing or technologically heavy, our simple, elegant design makes the Alpha the leader of the pack. Combine that with the love of vaping and you have an all-in-one vaporizer that can deliver optimal flower and concentrate performance with zero sacrifices.

The Alpha is iKrusher’s latest advancement in vaporizer technology capable of handling both Flower and Concentrates. Utilizing induction heating technology allows for lightning-fast heat-up times, precise temperature control, and consistent surface temperatures. The user-friendly UI gives full control to dial-in the perfect session. Combined with a unique glass water filter and fast-charging USB-C technology, the Alpha is the ultimate vaping experience for beginners and experts alike.


The Akimbo 

The Akimbo brings portability and control to flower and concentrates. Utilizing intelligent and innovative design, the Akimbo has been developed for longer battery life, improved flavor aspect, and reliability. Our R&D team has combined their love for vaping with their knowledge of enhanced and revolutionary engineering to provide a standard of quality that is only matched by our own innovative vision.


The Quest

The Quest has the perfect combination of portability and function. The QUEST fits a water filter and a temperature-controlled heater in the palm of your hand for the best dabbing experience on the go. Simply use the convenient flip outdoor and the LCD screen to set and start your dabbing sessions on the go to consistently vaporize concentrates at the exact temperature you prefer. A sleek design with the capability to interchange or renew the heater at any time, the QUEST brings vaporizing to the next level.


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