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Use iKrushers Custom Vape Technology To Build Your Brand!

Use iKrushers Custom Vape Technology To Build Your Brand!

iKrusher provides one of the best custom vape programs on the market. The idea of developing a customizable vape pen that is unique to your brand is easier than ever! 

It can be difficult when you are starting to identify how consumers will recognize your vape pen. The planning, costs, and trying to get into smoke shops across the legal states of the US already puts you at an uphill climb. 

How are you going to put your 510 thread cartridge, vape pod, and disposable vape into the market if it doesn't have any sort of appeal? Well, you need to think of that too. It's not easy, but when you see that vision and believe in it, you will be successful. 


How To Set Up A Custom Vape Pen

First, you need to check out our custom vape section on our website. From there you have a wide selection of devices to choose from. From small rechargeable disposable vapes to large tabletop vaporizer rigs - iKrusher has the perfect vape pen for your goals. 

First, you need to select which device you want. Are you an oil manufacturer looking to get the most reach out to users? Then a 510 thread cartridge with your name on it is a great choice! Its universal 510 thread technology makes it one of the most widely used products on the market. 510 thread cartridges are also refillable. Custom vapes also include the slim 510 battery.

Are you looking for returning customers? Perhaps your oil is highly sought after - it becomes known for its quality and flavor while providing the right level of CBD. Then maybe you want a vape pod system. The vape pod system is one of the best custom vapes on the market. These utilize the same components as a 510 thread cartridge, they just use their oil in them and a specific vape pen battery. This keeps you coming back. You already have the pen they gave you for free (as a promotional edge) so why not just keep buying their pods? It's easy! 

Perhaps you are looking for an all-in-one approach to vaping. Then, in that case, a disposable vape would be best for you! Disposable vaporizer technology might seem uneasy due to the bad rep that the device got at the start, but it has quickly developed the same high-quality materials as the 510 thread cartridge and the vape pod. On top of that, the "disposable" nature of these devices means that you don't need to worry about battery care. Just don't overcharge it!


Which Vape Pen To Choose?

There are three types of portable vaporizers

  • 510 Thread Vape Cartridges
  • Vape Pods
  • Disposable Vapes

Its technological innovation has developed in order to set the standard of vape pen technology can do! While they didn't start out that way, they certainly ended up that way. Replacing the weak cotton wick with a durable ceramic coil was the biggest reason why so many choose the vape cartridge overall, but there also comes the idea of purchasing custom vapes. 

The 510-thread vape pen battery is another device that has seen its fair share of upgrades. Alongside the cartridge, it needed to provide more power and provide a customizable experience for users. Having a pre-heat function and adjustable voltage allows users to hit their pen the exact way that they want. 

Disposables offer a lot nowadays. Far more than what they used to. Now disposable vapes offer far more technological advancements. While the user cannot change the settings  (as there is no button) the oil manufacturer can change the voltage settings of the disposable vape to fit the best properties of their oil. The consumer side doesn't see this, but you do - and that makes the concept far more appealing. Disposable vapes are implementing further technology in order to be the best vapes for new wax like Delta 8, Delta 9, Rosin, and Live Resin. Now, everyone can have their logo with for the ultimate custom vape experience. 

Vape Pod Systems are popular, but you already need to have a high-profile CBD oil to get consumers to continue coming back. If you already have this - this is a great way to establish a core family of buyers. In today's world, everyone has brand reliance. We either choose Nike, Adidas, Mac or PC, Chevy or Ford - you know what we are talking about. Gucci or Prada - we don't know. 

So what separates your vape pen brand from the rest? 


Good Design Makes The Difference

You want your device to look appealing on the shelf. There are a couple of ways that you can do that! It's easy because it's essentially divided into two ideas. The first is "health and wellness" and the second (more traditional) is the "hippie, space wizards" form of identity. 

Health And Wellness - This is what you will normally see at medical centers. They focus on "clean" packaging often consisting of white and green. Green for the representation of what you are doing and white is supposed to bring a sterile approach to users. Be cautious as everyone and their mother uses this and it can get lost in a sea of white and green packaging. 

"Epic Space Wizards" - This is more for the 21-29-year-old demographic. Everyone is looking to take back their hippie roots. What better way than to buy a product with a wizard flying through space shredding a cosmic guitar? 

It's cool, it catches the eye and it makes people say "What is that?" From there, you got them. 

On the other side, people might not take your brand as seriously as those looking for a clean and healthy approach to vaping. If you are looking to fully embrace the culture and niche, then this is the way to go. 


Custom Vape Pen Batteries Are The Hottest Devices In The Industry

If you're already looking for custom vape pens, then you have already decided that oil is your main resource. Gone are the days when you could sell a big bag of ditch *products and make mad profits. It's a tightly competitive industry and with current vape laws, it's only going to get squeezed tighter. That is okay though, if you make something that stands out from the pack you will be successful.  Custom vapes are some of the most popular methods for attracting new users. 

For many growers, selling raw plant materials is moving away from popularity. This is due to increased taxes on the plant, as well as a large black market drastically lowering prices. The best idea is to go with oil and become a trusted and favored brand for users. 

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