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IKrusher MJBIZCON 2022 Las Vegas Wrap Up

iKrusher MJBIZCON 2022 Las Vegas Wrap Up

The MJBIZCON 2022 event was a fantastic end-of-year networking convention in Las Vegas, NV.

One of the most anticipated events for businesses, manufacturing, celebrities, and consumers got to come to Las Vegas to experience some of the most innovative products on the market.

The industry is designed for real innovation. Most products hitting the event have big plans for next year. While 2022 was a year of many advancements - pure ceramic vaporizer cartridges, non-metal vaporizer cartridges, and disposable vaporizers all changing how we see these devices, 2023 looks to take that to the next stage in development.




iKrusher Introduced The OMNI Smart System And TC Series

The most popular devices that were delivered to the event were brought by us! iKrusher technology has been putting together a new way to shape the industry. With disposable vaporizers quickly becoming a dominating industry trend (slowly overtaking the standard 510 thread devices) - the downfalls of early attempts to break through have been solved.

Disposable vaporizers have a tendency to lose power or start to leak before all the contents in the chamber are used. This has caused a drawback from consumer reports stating they don't trust that the entire device will work all the way through.

This issue stemmed from a linear voltage. Many vaporizer batteries, 510 thread cartridges, and 510 thread batteries use one consistent voltage. As an industry standard, they come with variable voltage - meaning that you can adjust the voltage (typically between three pre-adjusted settings).

Still, that voltage setting would stay at the set function, but the temperatures would increase dramatically the longer the unit was drawn. This could cause the battery to drain much faster as well as stress the coil until a possible crack would happen.

This is why iKrusher has developed the OMNI Smart System and TC Vaporizer series and brought them to MJBIZCON.


How Did iKrusher Turn Heads At MJBIZCON?

Our innovative technology and development teams have come up with a way to bring user satisfaction to the disposable vaporizer industry. While disposable vapes have one pre-set function, it still utilizes the same components as standard 510 thread devices. The OMNI Smart System allows the oil manufacturer to set the perfect setting for their oils. Then, by utilizing the OMNI voltage curve, the filler can set the device to taper off on the voltage in up to 8-second intervals.

The OMNI is set to work on compatibility with the next generation of iKrusher TC series vaporizers.


The Nord TC:

The Nord was one of our most popular disposable vaporizer devices. Well, we took everything that made it so popular and gave it the upgrade to the TC series. Now, you can adjust the voltage curve, coil resistance, and more in order to have the most optimal and effective vape performance.

We also have a wide variety of coil types to provide consumers with a more customized experience.



Another popular device from our expansive library, the UZO TC takes the entire UZO line (one of our most innovative) and adds the temperature control settings brought to you by the OMNI.

The UZO TC is smaller than a standard lighter, is perfect for small discrete hits and has a whopping 380 mAh rechargeable battery for longer enhanced performance.



We took the fan-favorite TIK PRO and shrank it down into a compact powerhouse. We shrank the battery and added a rechargeable port for easy and quick recharging. This way, even though the battery might be smaller, the high-quality experience is still a performance enhancer. The TIK PRO MINI is the next step in iKrushers line of new vaporizers. 

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