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How The iKrusher OMNI Is Changing The Industry

How The iKrusher OMNI Is Changing The Industry

The iKrusher OMNI is turning heads within the vaporizer industry. While most other vaporizer pens will have simple pre-set functions, the OMNI system allows the user to adjust their settings for the perfect experience for their customers. 


What is The OMNI? 

The OMNI is a new addition to iKrusher which allows our customers to optimize their vaporizer performance and experience. The OMNI acts as a smart device that allows the user to achieve dynamic temperature control (TC) for their entire vaporizer line. If you are looking for a more flavorful hit or a high temp for thicker concentrates, you can adjust virtually every aspect of the vaporizer performance to fit your needs! On top of that, by using the app, you can set multiple customizable settings and share vaporizer data across the OMNI platform.


How It Works

  • Downloading the OMNI APP
    OMNI App is software that allows users to adjust/create an 8-second power curve and also manage other functions like preheating.
  • Connecting The OMNI Smart Device
    The OMNI smart device allows the user to connect their device to the central OMNI app. Adjust your device's variables for optimal performance.
  • Connect To iKrusher Product
    Only iKrusher's Temperature Control (TC) series devices can accept and employ the dynamic temperature curve through OMNI smart devices.


Power curve adjustment

The OMNI App provides 6 power settings that you can alternate between depending on the type of oils that you are using. You can adjust the wattage levels by dragging the bar between the “+” and “-“ settings. Once you have adjusted everything to the way you want, you can save these settings by selecting “Upload to OMNI”.


Adjusting Your Settings Makes The Perfect Experience

Everyone has their own way of making their live rosin, rosin, shatter, wax, and various other concentrates. While each one is specifically different, you only have a few different voltages among disposable vapes. By having the OMNI system on hand, you now have the ability to choose what temperatures work best for your concentrates, how long the hit will last before an auto shut-off time, as well as have the best preheat function. Having a power curve function will change how disposable vapes will be seen in the coming years. 


What This Means For The Industry

When vaping first started, the ability to adjust voltage/wattage settings on your vaporizer was limited to big, bulky box mods. They were the only device available that could handle the microchip as well as everything else that would go into it. This explains the size. Then, when vape pens hit the market, the first thing they innovated was to allow users to pick between three different voltage settings. This allowed the user to find what worked best for them. Need a heavy big hit? Three clicks of the firing button would put you on the highest temp setting. 

When disposable vaporizers started to flood the market, there was very little that could be added to the mix. Due to their size and compact design, they could only allow for a battery, atomizer, and maybe a button (if you were lucky). 

With today's OMNI system, the user can make the perfect settings for their customers. As they know how their concentrate works best, they can simply make the required adjustments by connecting the device. They can even save their settings in pre-set ranges for later use! 


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