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The iKrusher Quest Is The Best Portable Rig

The iKrusher Quest Is The Best Portable Rig

The iKrusher Quest is one of the most anticipated portable vaporizers in the industry. With so many features, there is no denying that innovation has once again become the focal point for the vape market. 

Why is the Quest so hotly anticipated by vape users and vape stores alike? Let's take a look at what makes this device so cutting-edge. 


The QUEST Vaporizer

The QUEST has the perfect combination of portability and function. The QUEST fits a water filter and a temperature-controlled heater in the palm of your hand for the best dabbing experience on the go. Simply use the convenient flip-out door and the LCD screen to set and start your dabbing sessions on the go to consistently vaporize concentrates at the exact temperature you prefer. A sleek design with the capability to interchange or renew the heater at any time, the QUEST brings vaporizing to the next level.


Enhanced Features

  • Removable Water filter - Easy to clean and disassemble. Our water filtration design makes changing your water a breeze!
  • Full Temperature Control – Like to vape a specific way? Our fully dialed-in temperature control system helps you find the right setting in a fast and easy way!
  • Interchangeable Atomizer – Do you like ceramic or titanium more? Well with our atomizer design, you can find the right one for you! The Quest makes changing out your atomizer a thoughtless task!
  • Sleek and Unnoticeable – Need some discretion? Well, the Quest fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can easily fit in a small pocket or carrying case!


What Makes The Quest So Special??

The Quest is one of the most innovative vaporizers on the market. For many, being able to ab on the go means you need to take a portable rig, banger, torch, and carb cap with you wherever you may go. This can take up space in your backpack if you are camping and also potentially break any fragile glass. If your rig breaks in the middle of your trip then say goodbye to your fun experience. On top of that, you could have a backpack of broken glass that you need to clean.

The Quest provides a durable borosilicate glass water filter. With a tactile door that switches out from the bottom, you can rest assured that your stored concentrate will not collect any debris from your travels! 

Another major factor is the use of a titanium atomizer. This can be removed using the tactile tool located in the tactical latch. You can remove this easily if you need to clean out the atomizer or replace it! 


Battery Life

The Quest has a massive battery for a portable rig. At 3000mAh there is no way that you will run out of juice on your hiking or festival trip. On that rare chance that you actually need to charge it, a simple USB-C charging cable and something to plug it into is all you need! 


Portability And Discretion

One of the biggest reasons why so many want this device is that it changes the game for portable dab rigs. With other devices, there isn't as much emphasis on portability. Although you can essentially take these "anywhere" they really are only meant for at-home use at the table. 

With the Quest, the ability to take it anywhere is endless! Due to its design, it protects the durable borosilicate glass water filter, not only does it protect it, but it keeps it from sliding out! This keeps everything intact and protected!

While we are on the topic of keeping things together, it's a little hard to pull out a large dab rig in public and expect nobody to notice. Even with basic small vaporizers, you can see someone using them from a decent distance. 

This is why the Quest is perfect for taking it with you anywhere. We give you a complete and functional dab rig in a small (yet powerful) device. All of these functions make the iKrusher Quest one of the best portable dab rigs on the market! 

Last but not least...



The Quest is insanely affordable for the quality that it has. While an entire dab rig, torch, butane, carb cap, dab tool, and banger will put you anywhere upwards of $500 (this if you want the same quality as the Quest provides) the Quest takes it down to a more affordable option. 

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