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IKrusher TC Series: The Best Disposable Vape Pen

iKrusher TC Series: The Best Disposable Vape Pen

The iKrusher TC series creates the best disposable vape pen on the market. With the OMNI smart system, manufacturers can now adjust all aspects of their disposable vape in order to provide the most effective user experience. 


Why The OMNI + TC Series Makes The Best Disposable Vape Pen

Combining the iKrusher TC Series vaporizers with the OMNI SMart system allows you to adjust the voltage curve over an 8-second period. 

Our TC Series includes the following: 



The NORD TC is one of our most popular devices of all time. The small, compact device packed a powerful battery, and 1.0 mL tank and had a wide variety of coil materials to choose from. 

Customers loved this, which made it the first in our TC Series to get the upgrade. We implemented the OMNI smart system to create the best vape pen for Rosin, and Live Rosin in our line. 

You get everything that originally came with the NORD and now we have the technology to go even further. With the adjustable voltage curve and the coil resistance modifier, you can select your Nord with the perfect coil technology for you, and adjust these even further. 



The TIK PRO was another one of our most popular disposable vaporizers. Similar to the NORD, we went one step even further than that. We redesigned one of our most popular devices. iKrusher made it smaller, with the same long-lasting battery and adequate tank size. The rechargeable capabilities work in a smaller battery without sacrificing the power output or device longevity. 

The TIK PRO MINI is one of the best disposable vapes on store shelves across the country! 



The UZO was one of our optimized products. Since its first release, we made sure this was our staple for improving our technological awareness. With multiple versions of the UZO, we decided this was a perfect chance to explore what the OMNI system could do to one of the best disposable vapes. 

The UZO TC is everything that the UZO, UZO PRO, and UZO Plus were, but with the added features of adjustable voltage curves and coil resistance. 


What Does The OMNI Smart System Do?

While almost every vape now contains variable voltage, they all perform the same. For example, if I set my vaporizer at 3.1 volts, then whenever I hit the button or activate the vape by drawing, the voltage stays at 3.1 until I either let go of the button or remove the vape from my mouth. 

Keeping that voltage at 3.1 will heat up the coil far past the standard temperature (this happens more commonly for those who like to take multiple subsequent drags).

With the voltage curve now adjustable, this means that each vape will start off using the power of 3.1 volts, but the voltage will turn down in order to keep the temperature at the same place. 

This creates the best disposable vape due to the ability to adjust how long the battery life will remain sustainable. Constantly hitting your vape at 3.1 volts will not only drain the battery fast but also potentially cause stress issues on the coil. If the coil cracks, then that can cause leaking and burnt-tasting hit. 

The OMNI Smart System works to improve upon the already lagging disposable vape industry. With the technology now readily available, disposable vapes will start to encircle the once dominant 510 thread battery and 510 thread cartridge industry that has been a staple and industry standard for vape products. 

There is still time to wait and see how this will pan out, but for many oil manufacturers, this means being able to appropriately set the right voltage and temperature so your customers have the best possible experience. 

As the new year is fast approaching, will 2023 see the next stage in vaporizer evolution finally overtake what has been so widely popular since vaping inception? Or will a new technology come into the mix and establish a more enduring competition? 

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