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IKrusher Vaporizers At Lucky Leaf Expo

iKrusher Vaporizers At Lucky Leaf Expo

Lucky Leaf Expo is the premier event for all things green! By bringing together a foundational B2B event that helps professionals build a better network for their brand. 

Lucky Leaf Expo Exhibitors

As the industry continues to grow with more states adopting "common-sense policies", more and more independent business owners are finding their way into a new and emerging industry.  Meet and get to know some of the industries leading businesses and entrepreneurs. Lucky leaf Expo is the premier event for everyone to grow their network.


Lucky Leaf Education

Nothing has been more impactful for the industry than education. It was the education about therapeutic benefits that helped wedge the door open for other states to pass similar policies. 

Education on industry trends, market research, and the projection of the future is now a reality. Lucky Leaf Expo stands to act as a premier resource center. 

See iKrushers Full line Of Vaporizer Products At Lucky Leaf Expo! 

iKrusher is proud to be a vendor and showcase our vast line of vaporizer hardware! Come speak with our representatives, hold, and get a feel for our innovative vaporizer technology can benefit your brand!

iKrusher Disposable Vapes

iKrusher has dedicated itself to providing the most technologically innovative vaporizers on the market. As such, come see the next stage in the disposable vape pen evolution!


Check Out The OMNI Smart System At Lucky Leaf

The OMNI Smart System is what is set to be the hottest advancement for disposable vape pens. Our smart vape pen technology now lets you adjust the voltage curve on your disposable vaporizers for the most optimal flavor performance. 

With an 8-second voltage curve, you can adjust for lower voltage ratios over the course of all 8 seconds.


Why Is The OMNI Important?

By adjusting the voltage curve of disposable vape pens, you actively reduce the stress on the coil as well as preserve battery life. Most important, though - is the phenomenal flavor profile that you will receive from a device that utilizes the OMNI Smart System. 

Sure, the average vape pen can be set to a specific voltage setting and constantly provide the same power through the entire process, but for disposables, the game is a little different. If you set your vape pen at 3.0 volts and continuously hit it every time, you will heat up your vape pen oil far past the temperature it was originally meant to handle. The voltage curve dips down over 8 seconds in order to vape at the appropriate temperature. This provides the most optimal flavor performance. 


The Nord Series

The Nord is a staple for iKrusher, with so many variations to choose from - there isn't oil on the market that this device can't handle. With a 1.0 mL tank that includes our patented "iKonic" ceramic coils and a 350 mAh rechargeable battery, this device makes vaping a breeze. 


The Nord TC

The Nord TC takes everything that made the Nord a one-of-a-kind vape pen and upgraded it with the OMNI Smart System technology! The best vape pen will now start to utilize power curve technology.


The Uzo Series

The Uzo series is our answer to the question "How small can we go?" 

By developing a 1.0mL disposable vape pen and making it smaller than a lighter, we not only created one of the most discrete vape pens on the market, but we also packed in all of the technological wizardries to make it one of the best disposable vapes. 



The UZO TC doesn't sacrifice size while upgrading its performance with the OMNI Smart System.


The TIK PRO Series

The Tik Pro series is a founding piece in iKrusher's vast line of vaporizers. Because of this, it made it the best vape pen candidate for the OMNI Series. The Tik Pro placed a whopping 350 mAh rechargeable battery underneath a 0.5 mg tank. 

We weren't messing around when we wanted users to get every last drop out of their vaporizer tanks. 


The Tik Pro Mini

We wanted to optimize the performance of the Tik Pro. We understood that placing a 350 mAh rechargeable vape pen battery was overkill - especially for a 0.5 mg tank. We upgraded (without sacrificing the outstanding performance of the Tik Pro) by making the Tik Pro Mini battery smaller! 

On top of that, we took the downsizing technology from the Uzo series and implemented the OMNI Smart System.


iKrusher Vape Pod Systems

Are you looking to promote your oils? One of the most popular methods of supporting the vape pod system comes from its promotional potential. While vape pods work to act as a specific vape pen for specific oils, it hones in on this by creating returning customers. 

Throw a high-quality vape pod battery out to screaming fans and see how many start to Google your brand for the closest location to the pods. By providing optimal vape pod technology in our vapes, you can see how our technology will perfectly complement your oils. 


The Vfire and Vfire Pro Vape Battery

The Vfire series is the perfect balance of performance and cost for your CBD oil.  By providing one of the best anti-leaking designs, the Vfire series provides the most optimal performance from its massive 500 mAh battery.

The Vfire Pro took that technology and optimized it with a smaller (yet more effective vape battery)  and can handle both the Vfire and Vfire Pro vape pods. 


The Vfire Pods

The Vfire Pod is the one that started it all for us. By developing the first anti-leaning design for a vape pod, it secured our stance as one of the best vape pen manufacturers. 


The iKrusher 510 Thread Battery Line

One of the best ways to showcase our innovative nature is by upgrading our 510-thread vape battery line. The S-Series (slim 510 battery) is the standard sleek and simple 510 battery for CBD oil. 

510 batteries are one of the best vape pens for oil. In fact, they were the first type of oil pens developed for the market. Through their technological innovation, they have blazed the trail for all other devices after it. It was their innovation that lead the industry to make a full shift into the vaporizer line, to begin with. 


The S1 510 Battery

The S1 is what started it for us. By developing unique 510 batteries that accommodate everyone's specific needs we were able to implement recharging capabilities as well as variable voltage settings in order to give users the most custom vape pen experience. 


The S2 510 Thread Battery

By innovating our 510 cartridge vape technology, we were able to provide more accurate voltage levels along with a more accurate 350 mAh rechargeable vape pen battery. The S2 is the next stage in the 510-thread battery evolution.


The S3 510 Cartridge Vape

The S3 510 thread cartridge vape is the next level. By making the battery size a whopping 650 mAh rechargeable vape battery. We make the phrase "bigger is better" stick. 


510 Cartridges

Our line of 510 thread cartridges will perfectly accommodate any of your oils. From Delta 8,9 and 10 to live resin, live rosin, and more - our cartridges are the pinnacle of vape pen


The Karno

Introducing an all-ceramic 510 thread cart. The Karno was designed with the idea of removing all metal materials from the vape cartridge. By replacing the metal center post with ceramic, you get a more flavorful punch to your concentrates. The porous nature of the ceramic center post means that oil gets more effectively trapped in the pores. This helps to make the flavor profile the most effective experience! 


The Tux

The Tux and Tux Pro are one of the most iconic 510 thread cartridges in the industry. With our patented "iKonic" ceramic technology, the Tux and Tux Pro deliver the best CBD vape pen experience. 


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