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Join iKrusher At Lucky Leaf Expo: Kansas City, MO

Join iKrusher At Lucky Leaf Expo: Kansas City, MO

Lucky Leaf Expo is the premier expo for all things green! Come check out iKrusher's wide selection of disposable vapes, 510 thread vape pens, vape pods systems, tabletop vaporizers, and vape accessories!

Missouri is one of the latest states to implement common-sense policies in regard to the "Green Space." 

In November of 2022, the state became the next in line for legalization in the US. With legalization comes a rush of industry professionals, public speakers, advocates, and, of course, products. 

While other states have had their legalization efforts come to fruition much earlier than others, the state is looking to bring in major investors and develop a grassroots legalized industry that will help boost the economy as well as stake their claim in a new and emerging industry. 

Missouri lies within the breadbasket of America and with that can come a number of different industry possibilities. While states with major cities have adopted legalization in order to appease the city folk, the ability to infuse CBD products into food and other markets is a major player for the state. 


Lucky Leaf Expo Kansas City

Lucky Leaf is proud to host one of the first green expos in Kansas City, Missouri. Since it passed legalization only a few short months ago, it is happy to be one of the first to establish itself in one of the most emerging states in the country. 


Visit iKrusher At Lucky Leaf Kansas City

iKrusher is proud to attend this year's Kansas City Lucky Leaf Expo. In order to showcase the industry's most innovative vaporizers. A new state to the industry means a new market for those looking to make their way and carve their notch in the CBD industry. 

We are excited to speak with representatives and provide a full-scale review of our entire vaporizer line. We welcome all visitors to speak with us and get a feel for how iKrusher vaporizers will benefit their brands!


Check Out Our Wide Selection Of Vaporizers

iKrusher develops some of the most innovative and industry-leading vaporizers. From disposable vapes, 510 thread vape batteries and cartridges, vape pod systems, and tabletop vaporizers - we have everything to help your brand grow! 

iKrusher not only develops industry-leading vaporizer hardware, but we also lead the way in overall vaporizer quality. We offer wholesale discounts and custom vape pens for your brand! 


iKrusher Disposable Vapes

iKrusher has been busy this year with developing the new industry standard for disposable vape pens. We have always tried to push the bar. We have developed disposable vapes that are smaller than a lighter but also pack the optimal performance. We have also led the way in our disposable vapes' rechargeable capabilities. 

This year we are proud to launch our OMNI Smart System for our vaporizer line. Before we go into our new wave of vaporizers, let's take a look at the system that allows for this level of innovation. 


What Is The OMNI Smart System?

The OMNI Smart System is the next stage in vaporizer hardware evolution. By utilizing the OMNI, your disposable vapes can maintain their quality performance while also cutting down on battery exhaustion and improving the flavor profile of your CBD oil.

The OMNI optimizes the power curve of your disposable vape pen. 

Why is the power curve important?

The power curve is how traditional vape pens operated. When the 510 thread battery started to improve on its performance, the way to increase this was to give users custom vape pen options. One of the big options was the introduction of variable voltage options. With a few small clicks, you can adjust your vape pen voltage between three pre-set functions. This would allow the users to vape at the appropriate temperature to fit their needs. 

While this was great to prolong the battery lifespan as well as put less stress on the coil if the user would vape too frequently or for too long, the voltage might be set the same, but the overall temperature is much much higher. 

On top of that, disposable vape pens have not been able to adequately introduce voltage-adjusting technology...until now. 

The OMNI allows the oil filler to adjust their disposable vape pens' voltage curve in order to provide the most effective vape experience. With disposable vape pens, they had issues with maintaining battery life and clogging issues. Having an adjustable voltage curve allows for the device to hit the required voltage level, but then taper off in order to maintain and regulate the overall temperature of the coil. 


iKrusher Disposable Vapes With The OMNI Smart System

Our disposable vape line is expected to set the new industry standard. With so many technological improvements to our vaporizers, the effort to improve the quality of vaporizers is setting a new standard. 



The Uzo was an industry-leading vape pen due to its compact and discrete size. While vape pens at the time did not have a rechargeable function and the battery would die out far before the contents of the tank were fully vaped, the UZO was the industry's first to develop a rechargeable port. 

Disposable vape pens wanted to go bigger to provide enough power, but a simple recharge will get you everything you need! 

The Uzo TC takes the same small size, and ads the OMNI smart technology. CBD oil manufacturers can fill the Uzo TC and adjust the voltage to not only provide the perfect terpene flavor profile but also maintain the battery quality for optimal performance. 


The Nord TC

The Nord has been in our innovative lineup for a few years and has become a fan favorite here at iKrusher. Its design, style, and shape have led to the founding of other similar products. In fact, it has become an industry standard among vape pen styles now. 

By implementing a full ceramic coil and center post, Nord has been able to stand at the frontline for vape pen innovation. 

The Nord TC takes all of that and adds the OMNI Smart System to the mix. Now you have an entire vape line of products with the adjustable power curve of iKrusher tech. 


The Tik Pro Mini

The Tik Pro was one of the first fully rechargeable disposable vapes. We went hard to make sure every bit of your 0.5 mL tank was utilized. Understandably, there was really no point in giving such a large battery to what is now a small tank. We made the Tip Pro Mini smaller but did not sacrifice the optimal performance of the device. 

We wanted to make it smaller by still implementing the best and more innovative vaporizer technology from the OMNI. 


iKrusher 510 Thread Battery Line

The 510 thread battery is THE most popular device on the market. With the 510 thread, you can utilize a 510 vape pen with a cartridge and battery. It is by far the most noticeable device on the market. It has done this due to its ability to innovate. It laid down the founding groundwork for the rest of the industry. We would not have vape pod systems disposable vape pens and many other vaporizer accessories that dominate the industry today. 


The S1 510 Thread Vape Battery

The S1 started it all. We wanted to provide an optimal 510 battery pen with rechargeable capabilities and high-performance voltage power. The S1 was the first in line to showcase our innovative technology. 


The S2 510 Thread Vape Pen

The S2 is the next stage in our (S)lim line of 510 thread vape pens.  We wanted to provide a custom vape pen experience. By implementing variable voltage settings, vape pen users could adjust their settings to find the right voltage levels for them. 


The S3 Vape Pen For Carts

The S3 is the final stage (so far) of our iconic S-Series. We wanted the third generation of our 510-thread vape pens to be bigger, better, and more powerful. With the increase in 510-thread cartridge sizes, we wanted to develop a 510-thread vape pen that could handle the next stage in vaporizer hardware standards. 


iKrusher 510 Thread Cartridges

We provide some of the most industry-leading vaporizer cartridges. This is due to our ceramic technology as well as our methods for keeping up with new and emerging extraction methods. See, extraction methods are ever-changing. This is creating different CBD oil consistencies as well as drastically changes the viscosity of the CBD oil. 

The CBD vape pen has developed to its optimal era due to the 510 thread cartridge innovations. By replacing the cotton wick, 510 thread cartridges went from an afterthought - the industry favorite.


The Tux Pro

The Tux Pro is perfect for all 510-thread CBD oils. In fact, it makes one of the best CBD vape pen devices on the market. With wider holes that allow for an increase in airflow as well as utilizing a more porous coil, the 510 thread cartridge industry is set at the standard of the Tux Pro. 


The Calibr Pro

The Calibr Pro is the next stage in 510 thread technology. By implementing our pure ceramic technology, you can get the best flavor profile from all your CBD oil. 


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