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Why Low-Temp Dabs Are Important

Why Low-Temp Dabs Are Important

Low-temp dabs are important for a number of reasons. While a high-heat dab can give users a stronger effect, a low-heat dab can give you a much wider terpene profile. This ensures a more flavorful hit along with providing a larger terpene benefit. Let's take a look at how you can use this method for a better experience.


What Is A Low-Temp Dab?

Although the answer is right there, a low-temp dab is when you heat your concentrate at a lower temperature. While many will debate on what consists of a low heat setting, the general consensus is anything under 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There are a number of ways to do this more effectively than the traditional method of heating up the banger first and placing your concentrates inside. One of the more popular ways is to use the "cold starting" method.


What Is Cold Starting?

While conventional dabbing requires you to heat your banger before loading it with concentrate, "Cold Start Dabbing" is the exact reverse of that. The trick is to load your concentrate first and then heat up the banger until it vaporizes. The conventional way takes up a longer amount of time in both heating up and the cool-down period and leaves the users somewhat "guessing" until it's time to take the hit. This can either leave your hit tasting burnt or not fully receiving the adequate amount of vapor in the first place.

Another thing to note is that the conventional method for dabbing requires an extremely high temperature. We are talking about some serious high temp heat. In the old days, we simply waited till the banger or nail was red hot and then waited 35-45 seconds for the cool-down. At that stage, you are absolutely destroying the terpene profile of your dabs. 


Terpene Profiles

Terpenes give an added boost to your high. Here is a list of terpenes and their effects.

Myrcene: This makes up more than half of all terpenes in your buds. It is regarded as an antioxidant that helps to provide a calming factor. Its primary function and why it is so widely popular is due to its anti-inflammatory nature. 

Limonene: This terpene can be found in the peels of many citrus fruits. While it is used for its natural flavor, it also has the health benefits to treat anxiety, depression, and arthritis.

Linalool: While it can be found on many flowers such as lavender, it has a minty profile. This can provide a soothing calming experience. 

Pinene: This can help you focus on the task at hand. Many people who struggle with ADHD can find themselves utilizing the therapeutic properties of Pinene for this exact reason.


What Kind Of Equipment Is Required For Low-Temp Dabs?

While traditional methods are still widely used and popular, there have been tremendous innovations within the industry. Back in the day, you would need an assortment of accessories such as a waterpipe, banger, carb cap, and torch. You could even spice things up a little bit by adding a few terp pearls in the banger to help push the wax and oil around. 

Today there are tons of vaporizer products on the market that do not require you to have a can of butane and a flammable torch hanging around. 

With improvements in vape technology, a one-time purchase can give you everything you need. Take, for instance, the iKrusher Alpha. This allows you to adjust your heat settings perfectly. Want to vape at 450 degrees or lower? That is well within the Alpha's abilities. On top of that, we offer a number of specific accessories that you can choose from for a more optimal hit!

With a ceramic or a titanium induction cup, you can choose to use whichever you would like to get the specific flavor profile. With a titanium cup, you can utilize a higher more durable temperature, but if you are looking for the best low-temp experience, we recommend the ceramic induction cup for a longer-lasting and more solid flavor. 


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