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Modern Vape Pens: Introducing The Adjustable Power Curve

Modern Vape Pens: Introducing The Adjustable Power Curve

Modern vape pens have been the result of years of testing and innovation. Now we stand at another precipice of vape pen engineering - Introducing the adjustable power curve - a revolutionary new way to adjust the power of your vapes.


How Do Vape Pens Currently Work?

If you own a vape, there is a chance that the vape pen has a variable voltage setting. This typically comes from 510 batteries. Button-activated 510 batteries now come standard with the ability to change how much power is getting sent through the vape cartridge from the 510 battery pen. 

There are typically 3 settings - a high, medium, and low. No 510 vape pen is similar and many don't have the same voltage levels between each setting so finding the right one for you is important. 

Whichever setting you choose, your vape pen will hit that voltage level every time. This means that the longer you sit holding that battery, the longer it sits at that specific voltage level.


How Does This Affect Your Vape Pen?

The issue here is that the voltage level remaining consistently at that setting will inevitably heat up your CBD oil far past the necessary temperature. 

While vaping your CBD vape cartridge, you may find that it tastes funny or weird. This will mostly happen for consistent users as the heating up of the CBD oil will be more intense and constant. This is simply due to the voltage levels while being accurate, not equal to an accurate oil vape temperature.  


How Does The Vape Pen Power Curve Work?

The power curve acts to reduce the level of voltage necessary to vape your CBD oils at the most optimal levels. As the voltage level can be set at, let's say, 3.1 volts, the amount of power through an 8-second interval will decrease typically by an entire volt. This helps to ensure the flavor profile and retains the integrity of your disposable vape, 510 vape pen, and vape pod system

By lowering the voltage levels over an 8-second period, your customers will find that their flavor and overall experience will be significantly higher. 


The iKrusher OMNI Smart System

The iKrusher OMNI is the next standard in vaporizer hardware. The OMNI Smart System allows the CBD oil manufacturer to adjust the voltage settings on their disposable line of pre-filled vape pens, vape cartridges, and vape pod batteries. 

The OMNI Smart System works to adjust the capabilities of any of your vape pens in order to provide your customers with the ultimate vape pen experience. This also works to reduce the common issues that plague the vape pen industry as a whole. Recharging issues, clogging, and many more can be solved by utilizing the new power of the OMNI. 

The OMNI Smart System also comes with a number of pre-set functions for different oils. This will help give you the best vape pen guide for things like Delta 8 CBD, Live Resin, Live Rosin, and much more. 


Creating The Best Delta 8 Vape Pens

There are tons of settings that the OMNI comes with. One of the best features is the multiple voltage curves for your different kinds of distillate. With the newly emerging Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 CBD oils becoming more and more popular throughout the US, having your vape pen handle the right volts for those specific oils is important. These are the best vapes for delta 9 CBD.

Delta 8 vape pens are quickly becoming the hottest sellers. This is due to the access across all 50 states. While other parts of the country are slowly reeling back on common-sense policies, CBD is accessible everywhere. 

While this can work for all vape pens including, 510 thread batteries, vape pod batteries, and disposable vapes, having the right voltage level for your Delta 8, 9, and Delta 10 CBD is important. 


The 510 Vape Pen And Adjustable Voltage Curves

As we stated earlier in this article, the 510-thread vape pen has had a number of innovations implemented into it. Due to the universal nature of the device, the addition of a voltage curve to the variable voltage settings is a game changer. Traditional 510 thread batteries would hold their voltage levels at the same setting throughout the process. Now, when you switch between the three settings the voltage curve will be automatically implemented! 

The 510 thread cart is also benefiting from the new technology. With vape cartridges still one of the most popular devices on the market, improving the overall quality is essential for one of the longest devices in the industry. 

The ability to innovate the vape cartridge battery has been a pinnacle pivot for the industry. With the implementation of newer and better materials, the vape pen cartridge has been the perfect fit for varying CBD extracts. 


How Does This Work With Tabletop Vaporizers?

Tabletop vaporizers have been the longest and most technologically implemented vaporizers. When they first hit the market, they were at the next stage in dab rig evolution. With common rigs utilizing outdated methods such as butane torch, carb cap, and banger - there weren't really any accurate temperature settings that you could implement. You had to heat up the glass, titanium, or ceramic banger until you think it is hot enough, then drop your CBD wax in and place the carb cap on top. If it was too hot, you would burn your CBD oil and if it was too cold, then you wouldn't receive the optimal benefits of your CBD oil. One of the best vaporizers on the market for CBD oil is the Alpha vape. With a large enough battery life for up to 30 sessions, you will get the most accurate temperature reading around. 

Vaporizers provided everything necessary to vaporize your CBD oil at the most optimal temperature. With temperature accuracy being one of the most important factors for consumers when choosing the right vaporizer, an accurate reading is a must-have. 


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