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Quarts Titanium or Ceramic, Which Is The Best?

Quarts Titanium or Ceramic, Which Is The Best?

Utilizing different materials for vaping can be a daunting task. Especially if you are just starting out. There are three typical methods for utilizing the best hit - Quartz, Titanium, and ceramic. This list is designed to help you have a better understanding of each one to give you the best performance for your preference!

Since the dawn of concentrates, many have given their opinion as to which material allows for the best vaporizing experience. If you ask anyone on the internet they will tell you their own personal choice, it may help you out, but it may not. The reason is that they only go on their own personal choices. This means that you may not have the right one specifically for you. This is why we made this list. We want to give you the best possible outcome for your specific needs. 


Ceramic For Vaping

Ceramics have an age-old history of use during mankind's eventual arrival to vaping. From the dawn of civilization, the use of ceramics has been widely used. But why? Ceramics are essentially just clay, right? Right. 

Ceramic has a high heat tolerance. This has been a staple in ancient cooking as clay pots and bowls were able to bake chicken, beef, and fish without burning it. The first ovens discovered had one thing in common, they used clay or ceramic tile where uncooked meats were placed. The ceramic tile would not only conduct heat, but it would stay hot for longer periods of time.

There's a reason why we call it "Getting Baked"

Let's move into the 20th century where we have developed technologies to help reduce coughing by inhaling dry herbs. 

Ceramic bangers are still one of the most widely popular methods for taking dabs. If you walk into any smoke shop there will almost certainly be an entire shelf dedicated to different ceramic smoking devices. From bangers to carb caps, the use of ceramic is wide - and for the same reasons as cooking. 

Why do people choose ceramic for concentrates? That's easy, a ceramic banger is meant to retain heat for longer periods of time. Utilizing a dab torch to heat up a banger meant that you had to time everything perfectly (in the beginning everyone had to learn the hard way). Sometimes you would heat up your banger until it was red hot, then dropped in your concentrate in order to get a solid hit. This would work for maybe .5 seconds until you inhaled an awful tasting burnt hit which would leave you coughing and partially ruin your first experience. 

With ceramic bangers, there was a level of heating up, waiting a few seconds for a cool-down time, and then taking your hit. The reason is that ceramics take longer to cool down. On the other side of the coin, if you didn't heat up your banger all the way, you could be losing a lot of the concentrate that wasn't hot enough to be vaporized. 


Quartz Glass For Vaping

Glass is another material that we use for high-temperature uses. In labs, scientists use quartz beakers and test tubes in order to maintain accurate temperatures. It is also good at absorbing heat and retaining it for fairly long periods of time. 

Now, there are multiple types of glass bangers, many of which are on the cheaper side. Unfortunately, those don't last nearly as long as quartz bangers. The quartz helps it maintain its sturdy structure so that it doesn't crack or chip under the intense heat. 

One of the main reasons why so many choose this in order to take their dabs is the smooth hit that they get from using it. While ceramic can retain heat for most likely the longest period of time, it still leaves a harsher experience for the user due to its porous nature. Glass, on the other hand, is smooth and like much other smoking hardware, glass allows for a cooler, smoother hit. 

Another thing to note is the use of quartz glass carb caps. While there are all sorts of carb caps that you can buy, glass carb caps also maintain heat levels and can retain them for longer without burning your fingers. This is why there are so many out there to choose from! 

**As a side note - A good way to figure out if your banger is quartz glass versus regular glass is to heat it up until it is red hot then immediately put it in water. If it cracks or breaks then more likely than not it was just regular glass. Unfortunately, the only way to figure this out risks breaking your new piece but still, better to know! 


Titanium Bangers Are For High Temps

While both ceramic and quartz glass bangers can be used for vaping, titanium is for those who need to take high-temperature hits. Why would someone take a dab so hot? Well, studies have shown that terpene profiles and overall performance on their dab are based solely on how hot the banger is. 

Titanium can retain the highest level of heat from a torch. This means you can heat. that baby up until it's red hot and instantly take a dab. Now, this goes without saying, but if you are going to take this route, you should probably have a high-quality glass rig and plenty of water to counter the harshness of your high-temperature dab.

If you are looking to get the most out of your concentrate, titanium is probably one of the best ways to go. Just be careful, a lung full can leave you coughing for a long time! 

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