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Take On Any Adventure With The iKrusher Quest

Take On Any Adventure With The iKrusher Quest

The iKrusher Quest is the newest addition to our lineup. Portable vaporizers are one of the most popular products within the industry. From disposable and rechargeable vapes that have a 1.0 or 2.0 mL tank capacity to small, high-powered vapes that you fill yourself, the industry has seen a strong push for more portable options. 

While there are other options out there in terms of vaporizers that you can travel with without worry, the alternatives are the traditional methods. Things like torches and butane and glassware aren't necessarily things you want to take with you to the beach, or on a hike, or to a music festival, but it was what we had for the time. Have you ever tried attaching a quartz banger to an apple and heating it up the old-fashioned way? It works, but why not use something that works with the highest level of performance?

Those questions were just the start of our thought process when developing one of the most enhanced portable concentrate vaporizers on the market. 

It is a long road from start to finish when creative innovative vape technology and our engineers have years of experience coming up with new and enhanced features for the future of vaping. 

Whenever you create a product, one of the first things you have to think about is a problem for that to solve. Then you build your idea around that. 

While there are plenty of electronic dab rigs on the market, many of them aren't up to the standards of even "medium" use. This is why we developed The Quest to be the all-in-one super vaporizer that you can take on the go and use as much as the battery (which is extremely strong) allows. 

Let's take a look at how a conventional rig functions in order to show you how we developed The Quest to function above the traditional method.

The typical dab rig contains the following:

  • The rig itself (typically smaller than most waterpipes) with a single source of percolation and filtration
  • A banger (quartz, ceramic, or titanium)
  • A Dab Torch 
  • Carb Cap

There are other things like "terp pearls" and multiple kinds of bangers for specific vaping, but for the most part, that's it.

The process is simple. If you want to go further from there, you can go the distance. Some people purchase e-nails, which head up your dab rig via a battery. 

Unfortunately, none of those things are really "portable" and are typically meant as a countertop showpiece. 

There are more portable methods such as "nectar collectors" but once again, the use of butane and a torch are required. 

These were all the problems that we had to solve when developing the Quest. 


The iKrusher Quest Portable Concentrate Vape Took Time and Planning

There are a ton of products on the market that let you hit your dabs on the go. Unfortunately, many of them offer too little for personal enjoyment.

Want to hit your vape at a music festival? Well, the battery may not last you the entire time, good luck finding a charging station. Also depending on the charging method, you could be doing more harm than good.

There are a number of issues that come with purchasing a "portable" dab rig. This is what we took into consideration when developing the Quest.


The Quest Features: The Battery

Let's start off by talking about battery life. The quest comes with a 3000mAh battery. This is far greater than most and can handle high-temperature dabbing when you're on the go. You can get a full charge out of one weekend or more with heavy use! 

The battery is also fast charging. We developed the charging port with a C-type charging system that allows the Quest to be charged wherever the is a power outlet. In your car, on your laptop, and even on your gaming console all have the power to charge the Quest!


Lets Talk Loading

The Quest concentrate vaporizer has a unique feature where there is a tactile door that swings out from the bottom of the device. The atomizer then magnetically fits inside. 

We provide a small tool to help with the process of removing and reinstalling the atomizer for ease of use. The atomizer is easy to clean and can be replaced. 


What About Water Filtration?

The filtration system in the vaporizer is simple, easy to use, and easy to clean. It is also watertight so that when you are traveling or on the go, no water will spill out of the chamber. 

If you need to clean it, simply remove the glass filtration system from the dock and use whatever cleaning method you want to use to get the job done. When it's fully clean, simply fill it with water and insert it back into the dock. 


Where Does The Carb Cap Fit?

This was one of the most fun challenges of developing the Quest. While many "portable" dab rigs don't give you too many options, or you can just use the one had laying around, the Quest provides this function in an interesting way. 

The Quest concentrate vaporizer has developed this system and integrated it between the atomizer and the filtration system. Located in that area is a scroll wheel. While taking your hit, you can move the scroll wheel back and forth to adequately and evenly distribute the concentrate. 


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