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The iKrusher TC Series Is Revolutionary

The iKrusher TC Series Is Revolutionary

Temperature control is becoming the prominent selling point for disposable vaporizers in the year 2022. There are so many reasons why this has been a long sought-after piece of vaporizer technology.

What does it bring to the table? In the early stages of vaping, there were products that had limited usability. From batteries that were simply too weak to cartridge technology that utilized cheap components and cotton wicks, the evolution of vaporizer technology has grown.

Since their introduction to smoke shop shelves, they have become a prominent force within the industry. In 2022 alone, they made up a big chunk of the market with 20% belonging to the disposable vape/ vape battery/ cartridges.

iKrusher TC Series Put The Power In Your Hand

When disposable vaporizers wanted to put everything they could into one simple discrete vaporizer, they didn't account for the technology to fully customize the user experience. What customers received was an all-in-one battery with their special blend of oils inside.

If the battery died prior to using up all the oil, well, the customers got mad. The reason why the battery would die is due to the extraction methods that the filler used to collect the oil. Some oils can have a thicker consistency than others, while some can be cut with a solvent for a thinner viscosity.

This is why iKrusher engineers wanted to provide the filler with a custom vaporizer setting that works perfectly for them.

What Does The TC Series Come With?

iKrusher has taken two of its most popular devices and given them a much-needed upgrade. Our old disposables did not have any recharging capabilities and we added a standard micro USB charger.

The UZO TC - A 1.0 mL smart vaporizer that has a whopping 300 mAh battery.

The NORD TC - A Rebrand of our famous Nord. With similar recharging capabilities as opposed to earlier models, this device can go forever.

Each one can be hooked up to our iKrusher OMNI Hub and OMNI app in order to adjust the perfect settings and temperatures for your concentrates.

How Does The OMNI Hub Work?

The OMNI Hub is the latest invention for iKrusher technology. It allows the filler to connect to the OMNI App on their phones and connect the disposable vaporizer to the right temperature settings.

For those who use live Resin/Live Rosin, the voltage curve adjuster is the stuff of dreams. One of the biggest reasons why iKrusher technology set out on this path was to provide users with a battery that won't die before the contents are fully used up.

With each different kind of extraction method, you can find that your concentrates have a vastly different consistency. We want you to be able to develop the best user experience that you can while using the innovative technology that comes from iKrusher engineers.

Why Are Disposable Vapes Moving In This Direction?

Too many disposable vaporizers don't pack enough power to fully vaporize all of the contents inside. This has been one of the largest complaints within the disposable market. Disposables are now able to handle thicker concentrates like rosin, live rosin, and delta- 8!

By providing users with the ability to recharge their device in order to get everything that they paid for and allowing the filler to provide more detailed information to the device as to the voltage curve, customizable options are only the future from here on out. To make things even better, this technology will eventually allow vaporizer manufacturers to go bigger.

This means bigger tanks, larger batteries, and more enjoyment for the end results. This is why iKrusher vaporizer technology continues to develop and shape the industry before the competitors do.

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