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Why Temperature Control is The Future of Disposable Vapes

Why Temperature Control is The Future of Disposable Vapes

Temperature control vapes are the main way that vaporizers have remained a prominent item within the industry. From the first vape designed for nicotine to the new technology that is being out on the shelves, one of the main aspects that many look out for are the ability to adjust the temperature in order to have the best experience.


Why Is Temperature Control Important For Vapes?

When the vaporizer first hit the scene in the 2010s, the ability to vaporize certain substances was new to everyone. Combining the ability to introduce non-burning technology into a fully combustible world was a game changer.

Unfortunately, these vaporizers only had a small battery and the cartridge quality was sub-par. This was because the refining portion of the industry hadn't started yet. While the ability to go ahead and create these concepts has had a huge impact on the industry, consumers and fillers wanted more.

With the removal of the cotton wick and replacement with a ceramic coil, cartridges could handle higher burning temperatures and last for far longer. The higher burning temperatures meant that thicker concentrates and oils would vape at a more consistent and pure rate than traditional means.

While cartridges made the technological jump for higher performance, this meant that batteries had to keep up in order for the symbiosis between cartridge and battery to work. Batteries were then sold with larger battery sizes. They also started to include multiple voltage variables and a preheat function in case the cartridge was clogged.

A vape pen had three different temperature control settings that provide the user with multiple options for vaping.


Disposable Vaporizers And Temperature Control

While cartridge and battery systems worked extremely well to provide the user with an effective experience, the industry had the decision to move in another direction. Disposable vaporizers took the desire for the filler and gave them total control.

At the start, disposables also did not provide too many options. Not even a rechargeable battery function. It is only recently that they are starting to make the necessary changes to perform to the best experience. This is why smart technology and vaporizer hardware are improving.


Why Total Temperature Control Matters

When oil companies wanted to put everything under their name, they also took on the responsibility of quality control. Disposable vaporizers are now catching up to modern times and providing users with rechargeability and UI friendliness.


The OMNI App and Hub With iKrusher TC Series

Temperature control is our focus for 2022 and into 2023. Disposable vaporizers are becoming one of the hottest trends in the industry. The ability for fillers to create the perfect vape ratio for their clients is helping to perfect and update the current technology.

With a fully adjustable temperature setting, you can now provide the best performance for your concentrates. For starters, with many vape pens, there are only 3 adjustable voltage settings. With the OMNI app, you can adjust every aspect of the burn ratio.

On top of that, you can set your disposable vaporizer to handle a pre-heat function.

The reason for this development is that every oil company has its own methods of extraction. Depending on the method of extraction that a filler may use, the consistency of the oil might be thicker or thinner.

If the oil is thicker, it may require more battery power to be consumed in order to keep hitting properly. With disposable batteries, there isn't much in the way of stopping the battery from running out of power before the rest of the contents is vaporized.


How The OMNI System Allows For Temperature Control

Temperature control vapes are easy to set up. First, download the OMNI app from the Google Play store or Apple store. Then connect your device via bluetooth. Once it is connected, you can then connect your disposable vaporizer to the charging cable and then to the OMNI Hub. After that is connected, you can move the filters up and down on the app.

You can even save these settings for further use. On top of that, you can save multiple pre set settings on your device and select from a variety of other settings to play around with how your vaporizer quality can be perfected.

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